2015 Graduates

Five of our students are graduating in May with a bachelor's degree in physics. All of their hard work has finally paid off, and the Physics Department would like to congratulate and support them as they face new challenges. Here are some of the plans our graduates have for the future:

Josh Barrow

Plans:  Start a PhD in physics at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, this fall, with an emphasis in theoretical nuclear physics. Complete his current work on research on periodicity of triatomic molecules this summer. 

Josh started his college journey as a biochemistry major in 2010. However, his interest shifted to physics by his sophomore year. He immediately caught his professor’s attention by demonstrating his profound interest in the fields of science, but particularly in physics and math. He has worked as a tutor and as a teaching assistant for the physics department for the past three years. Josh joined Professor Emeritus Ray Hefferlin in his research on the periodic systems of triatomic molecules two years ago and had the opportunity to coauthor three papers on the subject. This fall, Josh plans to pursue his doctoral degree in physics. He was accepted last fall to four physics graduate programs, with fellowship offers at two of them, and he has chosen to attend University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  His current areas of interest include theoretical particle and nuclear physics, but he remains open to new experiences and ideas. He will be running final computations during the summer to complete the data set for the work he has been doing under Ray Hefferlin, and he hopes to finish their project by the end of this year. Throughout the years Josh has demonstrated excellence in everything that he has done, and we are excited to see what God has in store for him.


Josh Barrow enjoyed doing research with Ray Hefferlin on the periodic systems of triatomic molecules.