Ken Caviness Updates from Ukraine: Part 1

This fall Ken Caviness, PhD, is working as a visiting professor at the Ukrainian Adventist Center of Higher Education. Here are some updates from his sabbatical semester:

Beginning of Journey

Classes at the Ukrainian Adventist Center of Higher Education started in the second week of September. Professor Caviness willl be responsible for teaching a reduced version of Issues in Physical Science and Religion, a class he also teaches here at Southern Adventist University, in addition to a German class. He was surprised when he found that he would be having three sections for Issues in Physical Science and Religion, each lasting 80 minutes once a week. At Southern, this same class normally lasts 50 minutes three times a week. But he believes that this will be a good experience, since it will force him to "distill out the essence of the class and hone the presentation" and will ultimately impact future Southern students positively. In addition to his classes, Professor Caviness will also have the opportunity to share with the community new faith and science presentations at vespers programs and sermons throughout the semester. His wife Claryce, who is accompanying him on this experience, will be teaching seven English conversation classes, each group once a week. 

Ukraine is located in the central part of Europe. The main languages spoken in Ukraine are Ukrainian and Russian. Ukrainian Adventist Center of Higher Education is located 15 miles west of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, at Lisova Bucha. As seen on the news, the conflict between Russia and east Ukraine is still affecting many people in the country. While the fighting has had no direct effect where the college is located, many students have families who are affected and are in daily danger. As we head toward the final times, Southern Adventist University and the Physics Department will be praying for peace to return to east Ukraine and for the safety of Professor Caviness and his wife as well as all of the Ukrainian families affected by this conflict. 

Despite all the changes Cavinesses have been experiencing as they adapt to a new country, they are excited and looking forward to the coming months. They finished their first update to our department by saying that "God is good, and the whole community here has made us feel welcome."