Ken Caviness Updates from Ukraine: Part 2

This fall Ken Caviness, PhD, is working as a visiting professor at the Ukrainian Adventist Center of Higher Education. Here is an update from his sabbatical semester:

Middle of Semester

Just thought I’d take a moment to “report in.” The past two weeks I finished revamping my Issues in Physical Science and Religion class lectures on special relativity, general relativity, and the big bang model, and this week I’ve been working on quantum theory and possible worldviews plus implications.  This has helped me focus and greatly improve the presentation, and I think it will form the launching point for a paper I’ll start writing (on the religious and philosophical implications of modern physics theories).

I am upbeat about the whole experience, but there are times we long for the familiarity of home.  I suppose the fact that I now have a Mathematica-created autoupdating note on my screen says something about that.  Today it reads:

Time in ukraine  

I’m also looking forward to being done with class and presentation preparation so that I can push a bit harder on Russian and Ukrainian. Our return is scheduled for December 21, and before we know it November will be upon us! 

Temperatures have been 0-10 degrees Celsius, but this morning it was -2 degrees.

God is good; we are well and enjoying many new experiences.  And we will enjoy being back at Southern in less than two months. 

God bless!

Ken Caviness, physics professor