Released Labs

These labs have been student-tested. Email from your university account to gain access to additional materials.

An introduction to measurement error (even in digital instruments!)

Students learn the meaning of standard deviation and standard error from multiple measurements of blood glucose glucometers. It turns out that glucometers are an excellent source of both random and systematic error!

This is currently a cook-book lab. Feedback is welcome on how to make it more inquiry-based.

Work and power in human performance

Students get on a treadmills and calculate their power expenditure in units of oxygen consumption, watts, and METS. Students calculate the efficiency of walking on various inclines. Students walk one mile and calculate their VO2max. As a bonus, students calculate an optimum target heart rate for exercise.

This "lab" is currently actually an application or tutorial. Students are to gain an understanding of the origins of models in exercise physiology. This will change in the next revision if we are able to obtain cost-effective respirators.

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