Mission Statement

Physics Mission 

The mission of the Physics and Engineering Department is to empower physics and engineering majors, as well as other students, to prepare for continuing education in a professional school, graduate school, and/or the job market, and to help them integrate science with their faith in God.

Southern Adventist University Mission 

“Grounded in Jesus Christ and dedicated to the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, we equip students to embrace biblical truth, embody academic and professional excellence, and pursue Spirit-filled lives of service.”

(This statement can also be found on the University Website.)

The Physics and Engineering Department mission statement interfaces with the University mission statement in at least two areas:

  • We help students in their “pursuit of truth” through our focus on preparing students for continuing education and integration of science and faith in God.
  • We contribute strongly to the “learning community” through our intentional focus on the broader student body.