B.A. Religious Education

Religious Education program objectives:

  • To prepare the student for state and church certification (in cooperation with the School of Education and Psychology) on the elementary or secondary levels.
  • To support candidates in meeting the requirements of the School of Education and Psychology and its certifying officer by offering a course in Curriculum and Content Methods/Bible and by supervising student teaching.
  • To qualify students to pursue graduate work in biblical and religious studies. 


Admission to the Religious Education Program

The religious education program is coordinated with the university's School of Education and Psychology.  Planning for certification by the state and/or endorsement by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for Bible teaching is made with the certifying officer of the School of Education and Psychology, both for admission to the religious education program in the sophomore year and to the professional semester before the senior year.

The student must apply for initial admission to the teacher education program (usually by the end of the sophomore year), after completing all requirements as outlined under “ADMISSION PROCEDURES” in the School of Education and Psychology section of the Catalog. Initial admission is required before the student can enroll in upper-division education courses.

The student must also complete an application and all other requirements for admission to student teaching. Prior to the professional semester, the student must take and pass the PRAXIS II licensure exam—both the appropriate section of the Principles of Learning and Teaching and the particular specialty test(s) for the licensure area(s).

Teacher Certification and Endorsement for the State of Tennessee

The following courses are required for secondary teaching certification. In order to be eligible for certification, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the major, professional education, and cumulative areas. They must also include one literature class and one mathematics class in their programs, each at the 100 level or above. 

EDUC 138 Intro to & Foundations of Secondary Education
EDUC 217 Psychological Foundations of Education
PSYC 128 Developmental Psychology
EDUC 319 Technology in Education
EDUC 325 Philosophy of Christian Education (writing class)
EDUC 340 Foundations of Inclusive Education
EDUC 356 Classroom Assessment
EDUC 422 Behavior Management—Secondary
EDUC 434 Literacy in the Content Areas
EDUC 437 Curriculum and General Methods, Grades 7-12 
EDUC 438 Curriculum Content Methods, Grades 7-12 
EDUC 464 Teaching Seminar
EDUC 472 Enhanced Student Teaching 7-12 OR EDUC 473* Enhanced Student Teaching K-12

*Art, music, and physical education majors must enroll in EDUC 473.

NOTE: Art, music, and physical education majors should consult the Catalog sections corresponding to their major for professional education requirements. 

Licensure Grades 7-12

Required Courses

RELB 125 Life and Teachings of Jesus
RELB 245 Old Testament Studies I
RELB 246 Old Testament Studies II
RELB 425 Studies in Daniel (writing class)
RELB 426 Studies in Revelation
RELB 435 New Testament Studies I
RELB 436 New Testament Studies II
RELT 138 Adventist Heritage
RELT 177 Christian Spirituality 
RELT 439 Prophetic Ministry of EG White
RELT 484 Christian Theology I
RELT 485 Christian Theology II (writing class) 

Must include 35 hours in education and 16 hours of cognate requirements as follows:

Professional Education Requirements

Math 100 Level or Above
ENGL Lit 100 Level
EDUC 138 Intro to & Foundations of Secondary Education
EDUC 220 Growth Years OR PSYC 128 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 128 Developmental Psychology
EDUC 319 Technology in Education
EDUC 338 Foundations of Inclusive Education
EDUC 341 General Methods & Assessment
EDUC 342 Curriculum Content Methods 7-12
EDUC 343 Learning Theories and Classroom Management
EDUC 419 Philosophy and Leadership in Christian Education 
EDUC 434 Reading & Writing Content Area
EDUC 464 Teaching Seminar
EDUC 472 Student Teaching 7-12 or
EDUC 473 Student Teaching K-12

Required Cognate Courses

HLED 173 Health for Life
RELL 181, 182 Biblical Hebrew I, II OR RELL 191, 192 New Testament Greek, I, II
RELL 221 Intro to Biblical Exegesis
RELP 150 Introduction to Ministry
RELP 321 Intro to Biblical Preaching
RELP 322 Intermediate Biblical Preaching

Select One Course From the Following:

BIOL 421 Issues in Science & Society (writing class)
PHYS 317 Issues in Physical Science & Religion

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