BSW Field Practicum FAQs

  • What is SONIA?:

    It is the tracking system that the School of Social Work used to keep track of students placed in internship programs with various agencies. Sonia can be used to track current placements and retain historical placement information. It is the website where students access, fill out, sign, and submit their weekly journals, time logs, learning plan, midterm evaluation, and final evaluation.
  • What is the website for SONIA?
  • What if I misplace or forget my login information, or I am having trouble logging in?:

    You are able to reset your own password.  If you have problems, email Professor Bertresse's Graduate Assistant or Tricia Foster. These individual are the tech support for SONIA and will reset your login information and send you an email with the password information.
  • How many hours do I need to have per week?:

    For Junior Practicum, there is not a specified amount of hours you need to accrue each week; however, we strongly advise that you do not accrue all of your hours within a couple of weeks.
  • What if I get more than the required hours in a semester?

    You are only required to accrue 40 or 80  hours each semester (depending on the number of credits you are taking for the class), but if you would like to continue and gain more hours, you are welcome to do that. However, any extra hours will not turn into extra credit or be counted toward your grade for field.
  • Why do I need to spread out my hours, and why can’t I just do more hours and get done sooner?:

    In order for you to gain a balanced experience within your agency, you are strongly advised to spread out your hours. We advise that you spread out your hours so that you will get the most opportunities and experiences possible at the agency where you are completing your practicum. For example, at most agencies, you will not have all of the opportunities you need to fulfill your Competency 1 Learning Plan within 2-3 weeks. In spreading out your hours, you are able to get a diverse amount of experiences that span across three months at the agency.
  • What if I cannot get any hours one or more weeks (i.e. sick, emergency, travelling, etc.)?:

    There might a week or two when you are not able to accrue hours, however, you will be at risk for not completing your hours in time and passing field practicum if this occurs often. If there is a week that you will be accruing no hours, you will need to notify Professor Bertresse, your field instructor, and your task supervisor of your absence.
  • What score do I need to achieve on each practice behavior within my Competency 1 Learning Plan Evaluation?:

    You must achieve a score of 4 or higher on each practice behavior to pass the field practicum. If a score of 4 or higher is not achieved by completion of your hours, then you need to continue in your placement until you attained competence in all areas. It is important to check with your field instructor to make sure you are on track.
  • Will I receive a late penalty for my SONIA forms if my Field Instructor does not sign them before the due date?:

    You will not be counted late for the journals/time logs as long as you have completed and signed them by the due date. However, you will be penalized if your Field Instructor does not review and sign your Competency 1 Learning Plan and Competency 1 Learning Plan Evaluation by the due date.
  • How do I log my hours on my time log?:

    You log your hours on your journal each week. 
  • Is there a specific way we are to convert our time on the time logs?

    Yes, there is a time conversion chart found on your time log forms, within this packet, and on eclass. This chart is used to convert exact time to decimals.
  • How do I know what to write in my journal to get full points, and what is the format for each of the three sections in the journals?

    There is a journal rubric on eClass.