Prospective Field Members

Are you interested in becoming a field instructor? Would you like your agency to partner with our School of Social Work program?

Our program is always looking for new field placements for our students. Students benefit from working with dedicated professionals who can show them what it means to be a professional social worker. Our partner social work agencies can benefit from having a student who is eager to learn and dedicated to help move the goals of your agency forward. 

Field Setting Criteria

In order to be eligible as a program field setting, the setting must offer adequate field education opportunities for students to engage in the full range of social work service provision on the micro, mezzo and macro levels of practice.

Field Instructor Criteria

 Professional must be a BSW social worker with a minimum two-years post-BSW experience or an MSW social worker. In cases where a qualified field instructor is not available within the field setting, the Southern Adventist University School of Social Work program provides the opportunity for students to utilize a task supervisor as the person they are immediately responsible to in the field setting.  The School of Social Work will assign a qualified field instructor in those situations where a task supervisor is used. 

Prospective Field Education Setting Forms

To start the process of becoming an approved agency, please email or fill out the Prospective Field Education Setting Assessment form. Return the form to the Field Education Office by fax (423.236.1768) or scan and email. Our field education program program administrator will contact you to set up an approval site visit. During the site visit, we will meet with all prospective field instructors and task supervisors, understand the site's mission and programs/staffing, discuss student supervision, and review expectations regarding the field education learning plan. We will also review your forms and provide a mini orientation. 

After you have submitted this form, please review the BSW Program Field Education Manual

New and Current Field Member Resources 

For information and training for field personnel, click here to visit our field resource site.