MSW Field Practicum

“The intent of field education is to connect the theoretical and conceptual contribution of the classroom with the practical world of the practice setting. Field education is systematically designed, supervised, coordinated, and evaluated on the basis of criteria by which students demonstrate the achievement of program competencies” (CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards, 2008). 

Through participation in the social service delivery for generalist social work practice system, the student comprehends agency structures, functions, and programs. Field education instruction is an integral component of social work education; it is the culminating application and analysis portion of the social work curriculum. Field education teaching is conducted by professional practitioners with an accredited master’s degree in social work, selected by the agency, and approved by the School of Social Work.

There is a fieldwork requirement for obtaining an MSW, which is consistent with CSWE educational standards. Foundation year students are required to complete 400 hours. Advanced placement students are required to complete 500 hours. You will work with the Director of Field Education to identify a practicum opportunity that meets our program learning outcomes.