Senior Project

The Senior Project is the culmination of a Southern Scholar's undergraduate education. The project is a significant scholarly and/or creative endeavor involving research, writing, or special performance appropriate to the student's major. All senior projects are required to be interdisciplinary, meaning that there will be a second project supervisor from a second academic discipline. The Senior Project is normally completed the senior year.

Senior ProjectThus the project will be interdisciplinary, demonstrating an understanding of the relationship between the student's major field and another discipline. In order to aid the student in conceptualizing and executing the project, the student will work with a faculty advisor

The project is expected to be of sufficiently high quality to warrant a grade of "A."  All Southern Scholars present their project to their peers (Campus Research Day, Southern Regional Honors Council, Dean's Luncheon). The completed project must be approved by the Honors Faculty Committee in consultation with the student's faculty adviser four weeks prior to the last day of class for the semester the project is turned in. The project must be submitted electronically. The 2-3 hours of credit for this project is completed as a directed study or in a research class.

For a proposal to be evaluated, the following forms must be submitted:

Senior Project Proposal Form

Senior Project Proposal Template

Senior Project Proposal Sample


Senior Project Deadlines

Students must submit the senior project proposal forms by midterm of semester before graduation semester.

  • Four weeks prior to the last day of class of the semester in which the project is to be completed, students must submit their project electronically to the Southern Scholars director and to for review.
  • Senior Project Rubric Project must be innovative and original. It must be significant to the student and/or their field of study. The project must also be worthy of professional presentation.