Industrial Technologies

The Industrial Technologies department endeavors to serve those students who plan to become engineers, carpenters, auto technicians, welders, draftsmen, construction managers, etc.; those who are majoring in other work but desire some training in this area; and those who elect an Industrial Technologies degree as a minor. Emphasis is placed on training men and women for industrial management positions.

 Why Industrial tech?

Our undergraduate programs prepare leaders in science, technology, management, and design.
Individual programs are planned to provide for professional careers in teaching, business, and industry.
Knowledge-based and performance-based courses are carefully integrated to provide a well-balanced education.

The Southern Advantage

We strive to train Christ-centered leaders who are globally focused while caring.
Our graduates have the technical background to not only pursue a graduate degree in their field but also in business.
International study tours are offered each summer. Trips alternate between China and Europe.

At Southern, industrial technology degrees are offered both as an associate and a bachelor’s degree. The associate provides students with in-depth knowledge on their field of interest. The bachelors provides students with a wide variety of business coursework that helps prepare them for management and entrepreneurship roles. Upon graduating students have an advantage when choosing to pursue an MBA or other graduate degrees.

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