Southern's Technology Department has two classes in welding that are part of the auto program. 

  • TECH 115 - Arc Welding (SERV-2) 2 hours
  • TECH 114 - Oxy-Acetylene Welding 1 hour

Welding processes taught are: mig, arc-stick, tig, and oxy acetylene. Mig welding is done on sheet metal and plate steel.

Students learn to weld several types of metal which include: steel, aluminum, and cast iron. Metals often welded in the auto repair process.

The time spent welding is about 50 percent on mig, using mostly steel, but aluminum is also taught. Shielded metal arc welding (stick) is about 25 percent of the class, using steel and cast iron. The tig process (often called heliarc) is taught on aluminum. The oxy-acetylene process is taught welding steel as well as learning to braze and cut. Some of our students have gone into welding as a career.

Welding tools include:

  • band saw
  • abrasive cut-off saw
  • sheet metal bending equipment