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Modern Languages


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The ability to communicate in a variety of languages is becoming more essential in today's global community.

This comprehensive program offers several different languages, including American Sign Language courses.

Upon graduation, all students are able to read and speak the language(s) of their declared major at an intermediate level to advanced level per ACTFL national standards. In addition, graduates have been exposed to the aesthetic, historical, and social backgrounds of those who speak these languages.

Each professor is a native speaker or has a near-native level of fluency in the language taught.

Tutors are available in all languages offered, in addition to the language specific faculty member.

The program is approved for Spanish and French teacher certification at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels (grades K-12), for both denominational and public schools.

Participation in Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) for one year is required for all modern languages majors, but does not delay graduation. Summer ACA programs are highly encouraged for high school students between their junior and senior years, for which college credit can be earned.


Beyond the Classroom

Academic programs are complemented with practical learning experiences in the community and beyond.

Service Projects

Students can practice the languages they are studying in real life community service projects. Selected courses include a service component.

Multilingual churches

Attend one of the many non-english church or sabbath school services in the community to worship with people from another culture and practice speaking in other languages.

International Internships

While studying abroad you may have the opportunity to intern for organizations in the countries where you are studying.


Alumni Voices

Jose Otero and Chelsea Glass describe how the Modern Language program at Southern gave them everything they needed to succeed as foreign language teachers while also strengthening their beliefs in what is most important.


Modern Languages


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