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School of Engineering and Physics


Southern’s engineering and physics students develop professionally and personally through problem-solving and research.

Students will be a part of a strong curriculum proven to be excellent preparation for careers in science research, engineering, medicine, and higher education.

Students may participate in relevant and current research, gaining experience in both experimental and theoretical disciplines.

Students study using industry standard software, such as SolidWorks (3D & CAD) and Mathematica.

Students are encouraged to apply for external summer research programs and internships in partnership with their degree requirements.

Students can build meaningful relationships with faculty who are comfortable sharing their Christian perspective on science, professional growth, and everyday life.

Students can be awarded scholarships based on different kinds of criteria within in their respective fields throughout their studies.


We offer a variety of different emphases and programs of study in both engineering and physics.

Beyond the Classroom

Academic programs are complemented with practical learning experiences in the community and beyond.


Southern is based in an optimal location with easy access to cities such as Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Nashville. Students can have the opportunity to work with professionals in their respective fields in hands-on environments. Opportunities like this also allow students to build professional relationships that could lead to internships, research studies, and future careers.


Students have the opportunity to present at the American Physical Society, the Tennessee Academy of Sciences, the American Association of Physics Teachers, and other international professional conferences.

Engineering Club and Physics Club

The Engineering Club and The Physics Club is open to majors and non-majors who are interested in connecting with their peers. The clubs will host seminars, demonstrations, social events, and local community service opportunities.


Engineering and Physics News

The students, faculty, and alumni within The School of Engineering and Physics are always doing new and exciting projects. Check out our Engineering and Physics News page to follow along!

Alumni Voices

Matt Anderson and Nikki Ross describe how the Engineering and Physics program at Southern prepared them for exciting careers and how the professors not only loved what they were teaching but the students as well.


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