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BS Biophysics

The BS Biophysics Degree

This degree should be considered by students planning on advanced study in the fields of medicine, biophysics, physiology, radiation biology, and bioengineering, particularly in view of a career in medical research.

Students will choose one of the following emphases: Pre-Professional or Research. These two emphases give students the opportunity to tailor their academic experience to meet their specific career goals. 

BS Biophysics-Pre-Professional

The Pre-Professional emphasis gives students on a pre-med, pre-dent, pre-opt, etc., track an alternative choice of major, with a very solid foundation in biology and physics, covering needed prerequisites.

BS Biophysics-Research 

The Research emphasis is a good preparation for cross-disciplinary research in the sciences. Additionally it could be a stepping stone to a cross-disciplinary graduate program requiring excellent math skills.

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