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The Applied Technology Department is housed in Ledford Hall on Colcord Drive. All of our classes meet in this building, which is at the back of the campus directly behind Lynn Wood Hall.


We have a fully equipped 10-bay shop with vehicle lifts in each bay. Our facility is equipped to do everything from a tune-up to a complete engine or transmission overhaul. We have a variety of major equipment items including computer diagnostic units, a wheel alignment machine, and wheel balancing and tire changing machines. We also have valve grinding equipment, a surface grinder, engine and parts cleaners, and a full assortment of related smaller tools and equipment that make our shop complete to do any automotive job. Each student is assigned a tool box that has a complete set of wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, and all of the hand tools a technician would need for any job.


Our lab includes 11 welding booths and eight oxy-acetylene stations. The equipment in the lab enables us to cover AC and DC Shielded Metal Arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, and Oxy-Acetylene gas welding and cutting. The lab is fitted with a ventilation system that provides fresh air and removes all the toxic fumes from the welding process. Just adjacent to the lab we have a large bay that is ideal for assembly of larger projects. 


This lab is outfitted with all of the industrial-quality machinery needed to turn rough wood into fine furniture. In fact, we often mill up local lumber, air dry it, and then process it in our lab into fine furniture. Equipment includes two thickness planers, a 16-inch and an 8-inch jointer, three table saws, two power miter saws, two band saws, thickness planer, shaper, reciprocating spindle sander, 12-inch double disc sander, drill press, panel sander, and a thickness sander. Of course, we have a complete array of hand power tools and hand tools such as planes, saws, scrapers, chisels, etc., not to mention a variety of jigs and fixtures to facilitate a variety of special operations. There is also an industrial-sized dust collection system with ducts to each piece of major equipment.