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There’s so much to do on and off campus, you might have a hard time choosing what events to attend at times. But not to worry! This page will help solidify your choices. Look through our list of events, read descriptions, but don’t take our word for it. Ask your friends as well. And if by the end you can’t get it down to just one on a certain date, you can always try switching back and forth. Either way, if you stick to a few or attend them all, Southern events help make the school year amazing.


Southern’s Christmas events include concerts, parties, Christmas Stories with Bietz, and Christmas on the Promenade

Thanksgiving Dinner

Enjoy a home-cooked meal in the Presidential Dining room this Thanksgiving.

Strawberry Fest

Relive the year’s highlights on three giant screens at the Strawberry Fest.

Student Association Events

A wide range of unmissable events and activities, including the Welcome Back Party, the Talent Show and more.

Parent's Weekend

Parents can join their students on campus for this special biyearly event

SonRise Resurrection Pageant

Experience first-hand the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

All-Night Softball

Southern’s intramural softball teams spend a sleepless night competing for the All-Night Softball champion title.

Dusk ‘til Dawn

An action-packed overnight adventure race.