July Graduation Information

Tickets will not be required for the July Commencement Program.  The 2018 program is available here. Graduation will be streamed online here. (Note: the web streaming page becomes "live" at the time of the event.)

Dear graduates, family, and friends: The following information is to help you plan for graduation.

Thursday, July 26
Commencement, 7 p.m., Iles P.E. Center.  Doors will open at 6 p.m.

View commencement live streaming online here

Information/Instructions for parents and graduates:

Graduation Apparel – Be sure to purchase your regalia (gown, cap, hood, tassel) by July 6. Order by going to: www.cbgrad.com. Remember you must have regalia to march. 

Announcements – If you wish to order graduation announcements, you may order them through the same company you purchase your regalia -- www.cbgrad.com.

Robing and Instructions – To robe up and receive instructions, please be at the Hulsey Wellness Center at 6 p.m. sharp, July 26. Graduates will be lining up on the Hulsey Wellness Center indoors walking track. Teresa Adams and Melodie Lopez, along with other helpers and faculty, will be there to assist you in being ready to march. Since there will be no prior practice, it is imperative that you are on time for instructions and ready to march in your full graduation apparel. The program begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. Honor cords for undergraduate degree students should be picked up in the Records Office during test week. Philanthropy zipper pull medallions should be picked up from the Advancement Office. Diagrams: use these links to view diagrams for the graduate processionaland recessional.

ID Required for Line-Up Area - In an effort to provide security and safety in the graduate line-up area, we are asking all graduates to please bring a form of ID (either Southern ID or Driver’s License) with you, in order to enter the line-up area in Hall C-D. You may want to arrive a little earlier, in case this causes some delay. For those who may not have pockets in which to carry your ID, a lanyard will be provided at the check-in table just inside the doors for your use. For any who may arrive late, thus missing the processional, please see the usher who will be stationed at the far left side of the stage, at the very front to help you past the barriers and to your seat. You will need to show her your ID so that she can check you in. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this entry process.

Balloons Not Allowed Into the Gymnasium - As balloons are not allowed inside the gymnasium, we will have a balloon table in the lobby for your family members to drop off any balloons before the program, and pick them up again on the way out. (Balloons, if let go, can get into the ceiling and trigger the alarm, which want to make sure doesn't happen during your commencement program.) Please make sure family members know about this and have the balloons anchored to something to allow for easier drop off and pick up.

Web Streaming – The Commencement service will be streamed on the web. For friends and family who cannot attend, instruct them to go to www.southern.edu and click on the link for the graduation service or directly visit www.southern.edu/streaming. This web streaming link will become "live" at the time of the event.

Photographs and DVDs – There will be an official photographer in place to take your photo as you receive your diploma from Dr. Smith and then again when you exit the stage holding your diploma. A free 5x7 print of you and Dr. Smith will be sent to you a few days after graduation. The photographer will mail you an order form if you wish to purchase extra pictures, but there is no obligation. DVDs of the service will be made available for purchase through our Campus Shop; visit www.saucampusshop.com to order.  (It may take a couple weeks after graduation before the DVDs will be available.)

Exit Interview – If you have a federal loan, government regulations require that you complete an exit interview prior to graduation. Please go to www.southern.edu/exit or visit your Student Finance Counselor.

Hotel Accommodations – A listing of hotels in the area is at http://southern.edu/connect/parents.html.

Additional Information – Additional information will be sent to your Southern email account. Please be sure to check your account periodically.

Special Accommodations/Concerns – if you have any special needs that require accommodating, please contact the office of Academic Administration at 423.236.2805.