Senior Class Officers

Application and Voting Process

Job Descriptions for Officers for May Graduation


Vice President



Campaign Manager

Job Description for Officer for December Graduation

December Representative

Application Process (Deadline, October 9)

In addition to their name and desired position, applicants will need to provide:
• A short paragraph (2-3 sentences) to introduce yourself and answer the question, "What makes you the one for this position?" (Please note: if your application is approved, these sentences will be used to solicit votes from your fellow seniors.)
• a list of your current professors
• a list of your professors from last semester, and
• a note of recommendation from a full-time professor that you know well.

These four items are due to the Academic Administration office by October 9. You may submit via email to or in-person in the Academic Administration office on the second floor of Wright Hall. Applications received after the due date will not be considered.

Then What?

On October 10, our office will work through the applications by speaking to your professors to gain verbal references, and by reading the written recommendation that you provide. We will also make sure that the Records Office and the Student Development Office approves each applicant. We will then email a list of the approved applicants to all the seniors for an initial vote and request recommendations for senior class sponsors. Please note that nominated class sponsors must be full-time teaching faculty. The voting results will narrow the options to the top two applicants for each of the officer positions and recommended senior class sponsors.

Come to the meeting: It is a new time!

As noted in the school planner and calendar, on Tuesday October 22, the Senior Class Organization meeting will take place. However, in an effort to encourage more seniors to attend, we have adjusted the time for the meeting. Please plan to attend at 6 pm in the Presidential Banquet Room. Each senior attendee will receive one enrichment credit. We are very interested in having as many seniors participate so that your voices are heard. Therefore, if we do not have at least 100 seniors at the organization meeting, we will end the meeting early (enrichment credit will still be received). Then all seniors will receive an email asking them to vote between the two finalists for each position. However, if we have enough attendees, the final vote for both your class sponsors and your class officers will occur at the organization meeting.

Please encourage your fellow seniors to not only apply for the positions, but also to attend and support the meeting on October 22. As a "thank you" for attending, we will be providing dessert.

We look forward to seeing you there!