Egypt Resources for Elementary Teachers

Ancient Civilizations

This reproducible book contains a wealth of information relating to communication, inventions, political structures, geography, and more. Cultures and civilizations covered include Egypt, Vikings, Native Americans, Aztecs, Romans, Maoris, Aboriginal Australians, Greeks, Chinese, Incas. Grades 4-7. $11.99.

Ancient Egypt Activity Book

This book has crafts, cooking, and historical aids for elementary grades. You can even make a King Tut mask! $7.87

Ancient Egypt Thematic Unit

The Ancient Egypt Thematic Unit (homeschool) is based on Pyramid by David Macaulay and The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. This 80-page reproducible resource is filled with ready-to-use lessons and cross-curricular activities in language arts, math, social studies, science, life skills, and technology. Includes answers to worksheets and bibliography. $9.97. Grades 5-8.

Building the Temples of Ancient Egypt

Includes background information and ideas on individual or class project.

Egypt, Gods, and Pharaohs (Fandex)

Here is a richly visual, handheld guide to King Tut, Egyptology, the great gods, and the mysteries of the pyramids. These 50 individually die-cut cards dazzle with hieroglyphs and grave robbers, the Sphinx, Ramses, Howard Carter, Karnak, Thoth, and Thebes. $8.53.

Egypt Lesson Plans

Download sample lesson plans on various archaeological topics or order one of three complete notebooks packed with teacher-written lesson plans and activities (Egypt, Nubia, Mesopotamia). Oriental Institute Museum, University of Chicago, Teacher Resource Center.

Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt

Provides 10 lesson plans that will cover approximately 15 weeks of study. Find out how Biblical history and ancient Egyptian history fit together. Uses books from the library for your main texts. Each chapter includes lists of people and places and words that pertain to the period of time, as well as discussion topics. Background information is provided to enhance the study along with other suggested supplemental texts to help along the way. This book includes a brief timeline of Ancient Egypt. Activities such as cryptograms and making a model of Tut's Senet Game. $9.95.

Mummy Activities

This website is packed with ideas for teaching about mummies.

Mummy Wrap Activity

Part of the section on Children and Archaeology at the website for SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeology Park.