Greece and Rome Resources for Elementary Students

Ancient Rome Activity Book

Arts, crafts, cooking, and more. Historical aids, material lists and directions. 48 pages. $7.99.

Famous Men of Greece

If the Romans were history’s great men of action, the Greeks were history’s great men of thought. Dive into the lives and minds of thirty famous Greeks through stories detailing the rise, Golden Age, and fall of Greece. The triumphs of Aristotle, Ptolemy, Ulysses, Pericles, Alexander the Great, and many others will enable your students to understand why the scope of Greek accomplishment is still known today as “The Greek Miracle.” Paperback, $16.95.

Famous Men of Rome

Includes 30 stories, covering the history of Rome from its founding under Romulus to the last emperor in the West. Children will see the rise and fall of a great civilization through the lives of Horatius, Camillus, Caesar, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, and many other larger-than-life figures. Rome is the model civilization, the mastery of which provides a foundation for all other history study. A Glossary of People and Places, and maps of Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire are included. Paperback. $16.95.

Life in Ancient Greece Coloring Book

Over 40 illustrations depict the building of Parthenon, wedding procession, the trial of Socrates, and much more. $3.25.

Life in Ancient Rome Coloring Book

All the magnificence of ancient Rome, brought to life in 41 finely detailed illustrations depicting the defeat of Germanic invaders (c. 108 BC), the crushing of a slave revolt (71 BC.), the assassination of Julius Caesar (44 BC) and more. Captions describe Roman cultural life, major landmarks, leaders and daily activities. $3.25.

Roman Town

This archaeology computer game for kids gives them all the fun of a real archaeological excavation without getting their hands dirty! It encompasses the full excavation experience from start to finish and includes authentic artifacts and realistic backgrounds, plus accurate information about Roman daily life .It can be replayed for hours of archaeological entertainment. Teacher's manual and classroom licenses available.