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The Archaeology Channel

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Archaeology is the official journal of the Archaeological Institute of America. Their website includes helpful resources:

Archaeology and the Bible

Helpful information and answers to questions from a conservative Christian viewpoint.

Biblical Archaeology Review

A nonsectarian journal for the discussion of biblical archaeology. One year (6 issues), $13.97.

Dr. Hasel—This is too long, but I thought it was important to keep the list of bonus lectures. They were in a numbered list and could be put back that way to make it easier to read.

Biblical Archaeology: From the Ground Down

How does a dig team work? What do archaeologists look for at a dig? What challenges do they face? In this DVD, some of the world's greatest scholars explain archaeology's contribution to the understanding and interpretation of events in the Near East. Survey the remains of a raging fire that destroyed Hazor thousands of years ago. Explore the ruins of a stone tower at Jezreel, from which Queen Jezebel may have been thrown and murdered. Learn how scientific archaeology developed, from the identification of tells and the shifts in stratigraphic methods to computer refinements and excavations done underwater and in laboratories. Meet the 19th-century pioneers of this field and examine the groundbreaking discoveries and theories that contribute to our understanding of the biblical past. And be there when Hazor volunteers uncover a magnificent prize find, right before your eyes!

Bonus: Includes six lectures on biblical studies and archaeology: Solomon in His Context—He’s for Real. Kenneth Kitchen, University of Liverpool. One of the world’s leading Egyptologists examines temples and palaces unearthed by archaeologists to place David and Solomon into historical context. Stratigraphy in Geography, History and . . . Archaeology. John Monson, Wheaton College. John Monson explains the role of geography in the lives of Levantine peoples—its affects on agriculture, trade, and war. Seafaring in Biblical Times. Shelley Wachsmann, Texas A&M University. An expert in maritime archaeology tells of ancient mariners and guides us through sea battles depicted in reliefs and other artifacts. Galilean Archaeology and the Historical Jesus Quest. Douglas Edwards, University of Puget Sound. Douglas Edwards draws on archaeological discoveries to understand the historical contexts of the young Jesus and his world. Locating the Herodian Temple: Old and New Theories in Light of Ancient Literary Evidence. James Tabor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Just where was the Jerusalem Temple? James Tabor examines a wide array of intriguing theories. The Relevance of Archaeology to Biblical Theology. Bernhard Anderson, Princeton Theological Seminary. This Biblical theologian stresses the interrelationship of theology and history, arguing that archaeology is essential to properly understand the historical context of the Bible. Biblical Archaeology Society, 2 DVD set, Approx. 90 minutes + 6 bonus lectures (210 minutes) Total: 300 minutes. $49.95. ISBN 978-1-880317-65-5.

Hands-On Archaeology: Real Life Activities for Kids

By John R. White. This book includes everything teachers will need to help students conduct real-life archaeological digs. Packed with activities, this book first offers small-scale activities that can easily be conducted in the classroom using everyday materials. Then the author takes kids out of the school to an empty lot in the community. Students will not just learn about archaeology—they will be archaeologists! (The copyright page indicates that activities may be copied for classroom use.) Prufrock Press, Waco, TX, 2005. Paperback, 194 pages, $19.95. ISBN: 978-1593631628. Grades 7-12.

How Archaeology Illuminates the Bible: From the Patriarchs to the Babylonian Destruction (DVD)

This eight-part lecture series by teacher and archaeologist William G. Dever, PhD. Topics include:

  1. An Orientation to Biblical Archaeology: History, Aims and Methods
  2. Patriarchs and Matriarchs: History or Fiction?
  3. Who Were the Early Israelites, and Where Did They Come From?
  4. The Rise of the Israelite State: the “United Monarchy”
  5. Religion and Cult: One God or Many?
  6. Everyday Life in Biblical Times
  7. Israel’s Neighbors in the Light of Recent Archaeological Research
  8. The Assyrian and Babylonian Destructions: The End or the Beginning?

Biblical Archaeology Review, set of 8 DVD's, $99.95.

Motel of the Mysteries

By David Macaulay. In the year 4022 an amateur archaeologist stumbles across an abandoned excavation site in the ancient country of USA. Follow along as he pieces together the mysteries of this lost civilization. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1979, paperback, 96 pages. ISBN 0-395-28425-2. High school-adult.

Practical Archaeology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Uncovering the Past

By Christopher Catling

This accessible and comprehensive illustrated guide is ideal for anyone with a passion for the past. It is both a hands-on resource for the new enthusiast—student or volunteer—attending their first dig, and a superb professional reference book and practical manual for the many specialized and exciting fields of advanced archaeological practice, from forensics applied to burial sites to deciphering ancient languages. Hardcover, 256. $35.00.

Smithsonian Timelines of the Ancient World

A Visual Chronology from the Origins of Life to AD 1500 By Chris Scarre. With this incredible reference book of over 50 large-scale visual timelines, take a glance at exactly what was happening at the same time in every corner of the world. Dorling Kindersley, London, 1993. ISBN 1-56458-305-8.

Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses

Two DVD set, 168 minutes, PBS, $29.95: