Archaeology Resources for Middle School Teachers

Archaeology and the Bible (18-Week Unit)

This excellent homeschool unit is designed to be completed in 18 weeks. It includes lesson plans as well as print and online resources and is a useful resource for classroom teachers and well as homeschool parents.

Archaeology Month Activities

A collection of hands-on activities provided by Independence National Historic Park (National Park Service), Pennsylvania.

Archaeology Power Point

Produced by the Atlantic Union of Seventh-day Adventists, this power point and lesson plan can be adapted for any grade level from 1-8. (search for Archaeology Lesson Plan)

Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches

At the Discovery School, you can generate your own crossword puzzles and word searches.

Dig Magazine Archaeology Resources

A helpful list of archaeology resources.

Dig Magazine Parent and Teacher Resources

Includes links to and over 100 multiple choice quizzes.

Dig Magazine Teacher Lesson Plans

The lesson plans produced by Dig are designed to go with specific issues of the magazine.

Doing Archaeology in the Classroom

Includes lots of practical activity ideas, including using a sandbox.

Evolution of Alphabet


Hands-On Archaeology: Real Life Activities for Kids

By John R. White

This book includes everything teachers will need to help students conduct real-life archaeological digs. Packed with activities, this book first offers small-scale activities that can easily be conducted in the classroom using everyday materials. Then the author takes kids out of the school to an empty lot in the community. Students will not just learn about archaeology—they will be archaeologists! (The copyright page indicates that activities may be copied for classroom use.) Prufrock Press, Waco, TX, 2005. Paperback, 194 pages, $19.95. ISBN: 978-1593631628. Grades 7-12.

Mystery of History, Vol. 1, second ed.

From Ancient Civilizations to the time of Christ, this work contains projects, quizzes, lessons and answer keys for grades 4-8. Where most ancient studies encompass only Egypt, Greece, and Rome, The Mystery of History goes much farther. In Volume I, chronological based stories from all around the world are included. Beginning with the Garden of Eden, stories will spread from Sumer and Babel to Troy, Phoenicia, and Assyria. The study of early civilizations will include King Wu of China and Asoka of India as well as King David, Julius Caesar, and Xerxes of Persia. Even North America is visited in this look at ancient peoples. In The Mystery of History, major stories are retold from the Bible in the order that they happened alongside significant world history events and figures. A required resource is the Historical Atlas of the World from Rand McNally. Consumable paperback and Consumable, 496 pages, $39.95. ISBN: 9781892427298. Grades 4-8.

Mystery of History Reproducible CD

Select and print items from The Mystery of History. Vol. 1 (First and Second Edition are on the same CD) that otherwise you would be photocopying from the book for multiple students. Includes all Pretests, Exercises, Quizzes, worksheets, tests, and outline maps. Windows and Mac compatible. $17.27.

PBS TeacherSource

Features 3,500 lesson plans and activities.

School Express

Create your own word search here.

Smithsonian Timelines of the Ancient World:
Visual Chronology from the Origins of Life to AD 1500

By Chris Scarre

With this reference book of over 50 large-scale visual timelines, you can see exactly what was happening at the same time in every part of the world. Dorling Kindersley, London, 1993. ISBN 1-56458-305-8.