Israel and Jordan for Middle School Students

Archaeology: Clues from the Past

American Museum of Natural History website. Includes: Mint Your Own Coin, Make Your Own Stationery (three designs which can be downloaded), a walk through the ruins of Petra, and lots more.

"Clues from a Tomb" (Joseph, son of Jacob)

By Michael Hasel, PhD

Guide Magazine June 22, 2002, pgs 8-11 (4 questions at end).

"Discovering the Gate of Solomon,"

By Michael Hasel, PhD

Guide Magazine Jan 25, 2003, pgs 8-11.

"Discovery at Dan" (David)

By Michael Hasel, PhD

Guide Magazine, Nov 23, 2002, pgs 14-17 (4 questions at end).

"Discovery at Ekron" (Philistines)

By Michael Hasel, PhD

Guide Magazine, Oct. 26, 2002, pgs 8-11 (5 questions at end).

"Jericho’s Dirt Detectives"

By Michael Hasel, PhD

Guide Magazine, Aug. 24, 2002, pgs 14-17.

The Archaeology of Jerusalem: From David to Jesus

Host: Hershel Shanks. Part I: From the Beginning to the Babylonian Destruction, Part II: From the Return of the Exiles to the World of Jesus. This DVD tells the story of the great archaeological finds from Jerusalem over the ages. View stunning aerial shots of Jerusalem in vivid color. See a multitude of artifacts and inscriptions including the silver amulet containing the earliest biblical quotation ever discovered. Plus visit on-site location shots of Herod’s Temple Mount, the Jerusalem Cardo, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock and much more. In the accompanying Learner’s Guide PDF, archaeologist Dan P. Cole discusses geographic, political and religious influences on Jerusalem’s history. Also included are study questions, historical maps, an extensive glossary, a chronology and a bibliography. 75 minutes. ISBN 978-1-935335-34-4.

Israel: A Journey Through Time

This captivating documentary, filmed entirely in Israel, presents a Christian perspective on the Holy Land's ancient history and modern reality, from Genesis to the possibility of Armageddon. 6 DVD Set, $99.95.

Jordan Past and Present: Petra, Jerash, Amman

By E. Borgia

Many ancient monuments and buildings have been worn away by wind and rain over time. Explore the archaeological remains of Petra, Jerash, and Amman. Then turn the page to see what they may have looked like thousands of years ago. Vision S.r.l., Roma, 2001. ISBN 88-8162-124-x.

A Kid's View of Archaeology in Jordan

By Ruth Christopherson

She joined her father at the Madaba Plans Project in Jordan and wrote this ebook report. Grades 3-6.

"Sea Peoples, The" (Philistines)

By Michael Hasel, PhD

Guide Magazine, Sept. 28, 2002, pgs 14-17 (5 multiple choice questions at end).