Assist and PFE Grant Terms and Conditions

I have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  • Monthly Student Tuition Statement Notation:  Student tuition statements will contain the notation that wages or scholarship funds are provided by “Southern Adventist University’s Assist grant program” or “Southern Adventist University’s PFE grant program”; window decals are displayed; and school website promotes Assist and/or PFE.
  • Program Evaluations:  End of semester evaluations will be submitted by the required deadlines.  
  • Fundraising:  Thirty percent of the total grant amount will be fundraised and in hand by the end of the grant year.
  • Monthly RFF:  The monthly request for funds will be submitted by the 10th of the following month for PFE and by the 15th for Assist. Requests received 30 days after these deadlines will not be funded.
  • Site Visits:   Site visits will be coordinated with the Assist and PFE grant programs staff.
  • Identification Badges:  Students may be required to wear their Assist or PFE identification badges when performing visitations.
  • Committed Team Members:  Committed team members will be identified.
  • Supervision:  Adequate supervision will be provided for Assist students in the grant program. Parents will provide supervision in the PFE grant program.
  • School Protocol:  Develop and enforce safety policies and reflection and consistency of visit protocols.
  • Documentation:  Students will complete and submit weekly visitation reports online (through our website) as required by the grant program.  These hours will be approved before submission of the monthly invoice.
  • Community Engagement:  Establish plans to promote assist and PFE in the local community, partner with local churches, and acknowledge local donors.
  • Annual Conference:  The primary grant administrator and program coordinator will attend the Annual Conference hosted at Southern Adventist University and other locations each Spring.
  • Release:  Schools will ensure that participants and parents agree to their school's photo release.  We also need need permission to use video of the student and the student's written feedback.