For Grantseekers

We are continually improving our process for making and managing grants. Our goal is to increase impact and provide more time to innovate and build strong relationships with you, our partners, to ultimately achieve results for the people we serve, together.

Q.How do I apply for a grant?
A. We do not make grants outside our funding priorities to provide tuition assistance to Seventh-day Adventist high, middle, and elementary schools. In general, you will need to contact our office to receive in-person training for the grant. Once you have received training, you are qualified to submit your grant application using the online form found at this website.

Q. My funding request does not fall under any of your programs. How do I submit it?
A. We do not make grants outside our funding priorities.

Q. I am an individual or homeschool seeking financial assistance. Am I eligible for a grant?
A. In keeping with our charter, we do not provide funding to individuals.

Q. I am raising money for a cause. Am I eligible for a grant?
A. The foundation makes grants to organizations directly rather than through individual fundraising activities; therefore, we are unable to fund your effort.

Q. What does the recently launched online grant application mean for grantseekers?
A. Our new process and tools are designed to focus documentation and analysis on the key topics and to reduce unnecessary work. The process helps us work more effectively internally, reducing questions of grantseekers and rework late in the development of your grant. Existing grantees will also rely on the new tools and process for their reapplications.

Q.Who makes decisions on the grant and when?
A. The Assist and PFE office will make decisions and recommendations on your grant application. Our office strives to make recommendations and/or approve all grant applications within a timely manner.

Q. How will my grant results be measured and reported on?
A. Periodically, you will be required to facilitate evaluations to program participants on behalf of our office.