Students often feel alone navigating questions about faith and major transitions in college. We provide opportunities for students to belong in spiritual small group communities, to personally behold God, and to become changed and empowered as disciple makers of the Great Commission.

Each semester nearly 80 student-led small groups are available to our campus community ranging from different activities, Bible studies, needs (e.g. dealing with porn, grief, mental health), various topics and more.


Open LifeGroups for Fall 2020 List (not yet listed)


Here's how to get started:

1. Submit a LifeGroup Registration with your southern email. For more information or questions, visit us or send a message to LifeGroups or Pastor Anna Bennett.

2. Once your registration has been approved, we’ll partner you with a LifeGroup Coach who will help guide and support you each step of the way this semester, as well as pour into you spiritually.

3. Attend LifeGroup Orientation on Sabbath, September 5, 2020 and or January 16, 2021 at 9:00am - 11:30am in the Student Center. Meet your LifeGroup Coach, learn how to successfully launch your LifeGroup, join the huge network of LifeGroup leaders on campus, and enjoy a complimentary breakfast.

4. Prepare for GroupLink on Friday, September 11, 2020 and or January 22, 2021 at 8:45pm. Showcase your LifeGroup and recruit members!


“What are the advantages of organizing the Bible study or prayer group that I am already leading into a LifeGroup?”

Groups that register as LifeGroups get the advantage of:

  1. Personal investment. Our LifeGroup Coaches seek to model spiritual vitality, guide you as a leader, help you envision what you want your LifeGroup to look like, and equip you with the resources you need to be successful.
  2. Financial support. Each LifeGroup leader has access to funds useful for purchasing materials or food for their LifeGroup.
  3. Enrichment credit.
“Can I be a member of more than one LifeGroup?”
For the optimum small group experience, it is best to be a member of only one group at a time. As each group matures, the personality of a group yields a high return. The shared experiences for bonds of safety and comfort increase with each meeting. The current structure for LifeGroups provides enrichment credits for Residence Hall students for your first group. No credits are provided for additional groups.
“What happens in a LifeGroup?”
A LifeGroup at Southern is a group of no more than 12 students who get together on a weekly basis to connect with one another and with God. The usual format lasts about an hour. Often a group will spend about 10-15 minutes in a welcome activity, 20-25 minutes in Bible Study and 20-25 minutes or application exercises and prayer. This outline differs based on the individual group identity and goals as well as the leadership involved.
“What is the difference between a LifeGroup leader and a Coach?”
A LifeGroup Leader is any currently enrolled student who enjoys a good conversation about God. They are volunteers who have attended training events and are responsible for maintaining the group through Bible study, prayer, collecting ideas, formulating them into a plan, following through on that plan and keeping accurate records.
A LifeGroup Coach is a student employee of the Campus Ministries office at Southern. Coaches mentor four to five volunteer LifeGroup Leaders. They pray for them, assist them in any group issues that arise and direct them to effective skills and tools for the success of the LifeGroup that they lead.
“How do I need to apply to be a LifeGroup Leader?”
No. As long as you are a student enrolled at Southern, if you would like to lead a LifeGroup this semester, register your LifeGroup, attend all LifeGroup events listed above, and meet weekly with your LifeGroup Coach.
“Is the content for each LifeGroup the same?”
No. Each semester nearly 80 student-led small groups are available to our campus community ranging from different activities, Bible studies, needs (e.g. dealing with porn, grief, mental health), various topics and more.
It is our desire for LifeGroup Leaders to lead out of the overflow of their own spiritual journey and walk with God. If you are wrestling to know what type of LifeGroup to lead or what kind of content you could use, connect with your LifeGroup Coach or email Pastor Anna Bennett.
"We are having a difficult time finding a place for our LifeGroup meetings. Any ideas?"
The Top 10 Locations for a LifeGroup at Southern Adventist University:
  1. The Student Center Conference Room (near Campus Ministries—reserve at Student Services)
  2. The Norton Seminar Room (in Campus Ministries—reserve with C.M. Receptionists)
  3. The O.E. Grundset Room (near the elevator in the Student Center—reserve at Student Services)
  4. McKee Library Study rooms (reserve at the library desk)
  5. The Robert Merchant Room (in the Student Services area of the Student Center—reserve at Student Services)
  6. Improv (between the Village Market and the US Post Office—reserve at Village Market)
  7. Thatcher South T.V. Room (first floor of Thatcher South—reserve at Thatcher South Desk)
  8. Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists Library (near the Church Office on Main Floor—reserve at Collegedale Church Office)
  9. Hackman Hall Conference Room (first floor Southeast corner—reserve at School of Religion Office)
  10. Mabel Wood Hall Third-Floor Lobby (no reservation-first come first served)
"When do LifeGroups meet?"
Each group determines the best time to meet for their own mix of member class and work schedules. Most of the groups meet during weeknights and a few meet on Sabbath or Sunday.