Project Refresh

Recently Southern partnered with the Carolina Conference to support the initiative Project ReFresh. This multimedia project aims to create spiritual and engaging content for young adults across various media platforms, including blogs, videos, and podcasting.

“The goal of Project ReFresh is to create discussions and answer questions about biblical and social issues, which is something that young adults have been searching for within the Adventist church,” said Rebecca Carpenter, director of communications at the Carolina Conference.

Southern sponsors three of Project ReFresh’s channels: The Loop video series; “What If,” a vlog series that is soon to be launched; and the Echo podcast. Echo is hosted by Ryan Becker, ministry coordinator and admissions counselor at Southern. The second season of the podcast was recorded on Southern’s campus and featured students and pastors in the local area.

To find out more about Project ReFresh and its content, visit The initiative can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Loop: "How to be a Good Roomate"

Echo Podcast: "How to Ask Good Questions About Beleifs"

Tiny Chair Talk: "Doubt, What to Do With it"