2022-2023 Presentations

Faculty Development 2022-2023
For the 2022-2023 academic year, Southern’s CTE-BFFL will offer interactive faculty development workshop luncheons every Wednesday in the PBR.  These sessions will cover four primary areas: pedagogy, faculty showcase, Techbytes, and worldview. All faculty are invited to attend these workshops.  A complimentary lunch will be served to all faculty who are in attendance. 

Faculty Pedagogy Practices: Sessions for faculty development to promote the exploration and experimentation with research-based practices that foster student academic engagement, learning, and success.

Faculty Showcases: Sessions for faculty development with a focus on incorporating biblical foundations of faith and learning and an Adventist Biblical Christian worldview.

Techbytes: Sessions for faculty with a focus on enhancing technology skills.

Worldview: Sessions for faculty development in worldview to facilitate the examination of worldviews and how they affect every thought and action.

08/24/2022 - Worldview - Bob Overstreet

Dr. Overstreet goes over the reasons why God has lead him to Southern Adventist University and encourages faculty to ask themselves the same questions.

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08/31/2022 - TechBytes - Gus Martin - Teaching Generaton Z

Living in the world of Generation Zs it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the new generation of students in order to be better equipped to teach them. Dr. Martin takes professors through the journey of understanding what research has said about students.

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09/07/2022 - Pedagogy - Bob Overstreet - The Flow of Teaching

Dr. Overstreet showcases strategies and skills that are useful to design a class that will keep the audience hooked from beginning  to end.

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09/14/2022 - Pedagogy - Emily McArthur - Searching for the Sublime 

Dr. McArthur shares her experience with the sublime while on a field trip with students from her literature class.

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09/21/2022 - Faculty Showcase - Kristie Wilder & Lunelle Bertresse - Self-Care

Dr. Wilder and Lunelle Bertresse touch on key points about self-care and why it is important to devote time  of the day to engage on it.

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09/28/2022 - Matthew Tolbert - Confronting Anxiety and Depression in our Students

Dr. Tolbert tackles some strategies on how to deal with students in crisis, and what is happening in their brains when they need to deal with school and anxiety and depression at the same time. 

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10/19/2022 - Melanie DiBiase - Kicking Test Anxiety to the Curb

Dr. DiBiase talks about the ways that test anxiety can affect students and what are some ways professors can help to minimize that.

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10/26/2022 - Gus Martin and Greg Merchant - eClass 4.0

Greg Merchant explains the reason why eClass is changing and the main differences between the way eClass is organized now and how it will be in the future.

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11/02/2022 - Faculty Development - Amy Ortiz-Moretta - Dealing with Students in Crisis

Dr. Ortiz-Moretta explains the strategies put in place by Southern on dealing with a student in crisis, What are the signs and what professors can do to help. 

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11/09/2022 - Faculty Development - Ellen Hostetler - Spiritually Rich Relationship Philanthropy

Ellen Hostetler and her volunteers share inspiring stories from their personal lives on the reason why they donate to the school.

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11/16/2022 - Blake Laing - Experience Switching to the 4.0 Scale

Dr. Laing talks about a different grading scale and how this plays out on a classroom setting. Along with his topic, Dr. Laing also shares research based articles talking about how this affected the student's experience.

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12/07/2022 - Tammy Overstreet - The Power of Habits

Dr. Overstreet goes over how important our habits are and how much it influences our daily living. She also goes over strategies to change habits that are not beneficial to help you get where you want to be in the future. 

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01/11/2023 - Alan Parker - Letting Schrodinger's Cat Out of the Box

Dr. Parker talks about how allowing doubt in the classroom in a religious context can be helpful to strengthen sutdents faith and also help them understand it better. 

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01/18/2023 - Pablo Fernandez - How to Relate a Biblical Worldview to Classes When There Isn't an Obvious Connection

Professor Fernandez talks about his personal experience on implementing biblical foundations on his classroom and what are the strategies to make sure to incorporate it in lectures.

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02/01/2023 - Gary Patton - Physiological Stress on the Brain

Dr. Gary Patton talks about how cortysol acts on the brain and what are the physiological changes that occur. 

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02/08/2023 - Mills McArthur, Bob Overstreet, and Bob Young - Institutional SAGA

The institutional SAGA is a grant given to southern to write a book about the university. 

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02/15/2023 - Jasmine Johnson - Learning Assessment Techniques

Professor Johnson presents on strategies to access learning on students with an interactive presentation.

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02/22/2023 - TechBytes (Online Campus) - ChatGPT and current questions about eClass

The team that works on Online Campus discuss about some Frequent questions about eClass 4.0 as well as the insides of ChatGPT and whether is better to work with the program or to find ways to limit its use from students

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02/22/2023 - Gary Patton - Neuroanatomy

Dr. Patton's first presentation was so well received by faculty that he had to come back a second time to further explore the topic. On this presentation Dr. Patton continues to talk about the anatomy of stress in the brain and its repercussions.

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03/01/2023 - Nathan Harris - Trauma and Our Community

Dr. Harris talks about how to respond to trauma when faculty notices it in the classroom, with practical applications and tips.

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03/08/2023 - Clarice and Paul Nixon - Using the Bible as a Textbook

The Bible is the basis and reference point of all educational endeavors, and on a Christian campus, every class and professor should be able to use the Bible as a foundational textbook. Paul and Clarise Nixon, English professors and co-founders of CP Nix, will demonstrate how they use the Bible as a textbook in their English courses.

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04/05/2023 - Tiffany Bartell and Joseph Khabbaz - The Intersection of Spirituality and Mental Health 

Have you noticed that the younger generations are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety?

It may come as a surprise, but research shows that engagement with Scripture can help reduce these symptoms. In fact, those  in Generation Z who read the Bible regularly report fewer signs of depression, stress and anxiety than their peers. So what is it about spiritual health that helps to alleviate mental health issues?

Now more than ever, young people need guidance in understanding spirituality and its relationship to wellbeing. That is why we are offering this presentation on the connection between spiritual and mental health; highlighting key findings from our research on recent generational trends.

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04/12/2023 - Jim Moon - Helping Students to Find their Calling

key concepts and practices from Jim’s Dissertation on The Ebenezer Model of Missional Prayer. In his studies, Jim learned that witnessing begins with listening and prayer makes disciples. His own work with student leaders has allowed Jim to see how leading through listening and prayer can help students find clarity in their personal journey with Jesus, interpersonal journey with people, and discovery journey in the areas of calling and career. His goal for our faculty gathering on April 12th is share four core practices for helping students find their voice. Following a brief presentation, Jim intends to facilitate an open dialogue with those present about our key learnings and best practices in the area of helping students find their voice. 

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