Send us pictures of you and your family living healthy. We want pictures of the healthy food you eat, working out with friends, or just walking your dog. Show us and everyone else how you choose to stay healthy. Email pictures to Darin Bissell at to see your pictures on the website.

Smokies Hike

Laurie Stankavich & Michelle Wise hiking up Mt. Leconte

Mt. Le Conte

Michelle Wise, Laurei Stankavich, & Cheryl Craven sitting on top of Mt. Leconte

Employee Wellness Valentine Banquet 

Valentine Banquet Food Service Team 

Employee Wellness Valentine Banquet: The Steeles

Valentine Banquet Band

Employee Wellness Valentine Banquet: The Haltermans 

Employee Wellness Valentine Banquet: The Martins  

Doug Brown Kayaking with an Outdoor Education Graduate Student

"Incoming storm over the Sierra Nevada" on a summer hike by Don Crumley

Kristina Hall has these two cuties bundled up for their daily walk

Don Crumley walking at Enterprise South with his wife

Kerry Allen, Selena Trott, and Tim Trott participating in the Sandy Erickson 5k


A picture from Kent Robertson's hike on the Blueberry Trail at Camp Wesley Woods in the Smokeys


Martin Klingbeil coming in strong at the Seven Bridges Marathon with the support of his awesome family! 


Setsuko Carey, Tamatha Farrow, and Rhonda Scott after the Southern Shuffle

Cheryl Craven enjoying her hike to Gee Creek Falls.


Crystal Whitten and the Bear

Doug Brown kayaking


Someone kayaking

Leslie Evenson and Katie McGrath at the Sundbelt Cohutta Springs Triathlon 2013

Adam Heck eating some good healthy food

Ronda Scott at the Susan Komen Run, Chattanooga TN 2013

Cheryl Craven with friend rollerblading on the River Walk

Cheryl Craven kayaking

Katie McGrath doing some one-arm pushups

Nick and Leslie Evenson at the Early Bird Triathlon in Athens, GA

Runners completed the 7 Bridges Marathon  

Happy to be running together

Celebration at the finish line