SALT Staff

Douglas Na'a

Douglas Na'a - SALT Program Director

Douglas has pastored churches, planted churches and collaborated with churches in conducting evengelistic meetings. He is excited about bringing to SALT his years of experience to disciple and mentor mission minded people.


Alan Parker - Director of Pierson Institute of Evangelism


John Bradshaw - Speaker/Director of It Is Written Television

Pastor Bradshaw has conducted over 80 evangelistic series' and brings to SALT countless years of evangelism experience. His exciting, practical classes are always a favorite at SALT.

Other SALT Instructors

Barry Tryon - Introduction to Christian Leadership

Dr. Tyon brings to SALT his extensive experience in pastoral ministry and church administration. His classes on spirituality, ministry and leadership are highly pratical and favorites of the students.

Michelle Doucoumes - Christian Witnessing

Michelle comes to SALT with a business background but a passion for evangelism. She previously worked as the business manager and Bible work teacher for SOULS West, and has been a Bible work coordinator, teacher, and accountant. Michelle loves helping students learn how to share the gospel in a practical, Christ-centered way.

SALT Guest Instructors Include:

Doug Batchelor - President, Amazing Facts

Eric Flickinger - Associate Speaker, It Is Written

Yves Monnier - Evangelism Coordinator, It Is Written

And more!