Congratulations to the fall SALT class of 2012!

On December 15, 2012, faculty, friends, and family met to congratulate and dedicate the 17 graduates of the fall 2012 SALT program. Please keep these graduates in your prayers as they move on to the next phase of their ministry.

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Students Assist Local Church in Evangelistic Meetings

by Ingrid Hernandez
November 09, 2012

salt evangelistic meetings

Photo by Brandon Cobos

This October and November, students from Southern’s SALT program (Soul-winning And Leadership Training) are participating in an evangelistic event with the East Ridge Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Ridge, Tennessee. The prophecy series lasts five weeks and nearly 100 non-Adventist have attended the meetings thus far.

The setup for the series is different from the usual, where guests sit in pews and face the front. The church is using its fellowship hall instead, allowing attendees to sit in a circle and connect with their group. Each of the 18 tables is assigned a SALT student and an East Ridge church leader. Those two table leaders facilitate discussions with their group before and after every sermon by guest speaker Joe Cirigliano.

The tasks SALT table leaders are carrying out during this series fulfills their practicum requirement and ties back into their classes, such as Christian Witnessing, Topics in Evangelism, and Interpersonal Ministry.

Michael Gee, senior outdoor emergency services and nursing major, is a current student in the SALT program. Before serving as a table leader at the evangelism meetings, he and other SALT students went door-to-door in the East Ridge community asking if anyone needed Bible studies. One of the community members that agreed—and has been studying with him ever since—is a part of his table group at the evangelism series.

“She’s been disconnected from the Adventist Church for a while,” Michael said, “but she has absolutely loved this church and the warm, community aspect of the series.”

SALT, in its second year of operation, is a joint program between Southern Adventist University and It Is Written. The program’s curriculum is designed to increase participants’ Bible knowledge and prepare them for evangelism.

New! Summer SALT Intensive: July 22-29, 2012

Designed for busy people looking for intense evangelism training in a short period of time, Summer SALT pulls crucial excerpts from our full semester program to cover the basics of personal and public evangelism, the evangelism cycle, and tools for outreach in your local church and community. Food and housing are available. Visit our Summer SALT page for more information.

salt class

Congratulations to the SALT Class of 2011!

salt class

On December 9, 2011, faculty, friends, and family met to congratulate and dedicate the first 15 students to complete the SALT program.  Please keep these graduates in your prayers as they move on to the next phase of their ministry.

Southern Partners with It Is Written for Evangelism Training


Southern Adventist University and It Is Written are teaming up to offer an ambitious curriculum aimed at increasing participants’ Bible knowledge and enthusiasm for evangelism.

Students in the new SALT program (Soul-winning And Leadership Training) enroll in 14 weeks of spiritual study so condensed and focused that they are not allowed to take any additional courses at the same time and are advised against maintaining work responsibilities outside of the classroom. And the coursework is the easy part.

Finding opportunities to share these new truths with others, and being comfortable enough to engage when the moments do arise, is often more daunting than the hours spent diving into prophecy and practicum work. To help with this, SALT spends considerable time teaching effective evangelism and one-on-one techniques that make the sharing of beliefs come more naturally to Christians.

Classes for the inaugural SALT course began in August, and according to program coordinator Michelle Doucoumes, nearly 20 full-time students are currently immersed in the study. Most of these students, ranging in age from 18-44, are earning college credit for the classes; however, a few have chosen to attend purely for the training and certification purposes. Many of those pursuing certificates will move on to one-year task force positions in Bible work and foreign missions— jobs that Southern helps arrange.

While the classes are taught at Southern, largely by Southern professors, SALT is definitely a dual effort with a venerable partner. It Is Written approached Southern with this idea for an evangelistic training program and contributes in several key ways: program promotion, financial backing, scholarship opportunities, and board guidance. They are even sending John Bradshaw, their new speaker and director, to teach at SALT for a full week.

Leaders from both partners are excited about the program and anticipate a practical, far-reaching impact for all involved. “This is a chance for students to not only obtain classroom knowledge, but hands-on experience as well,” Doucoumes said. “Our hope is that SALT graduates will go on to be passionate leaders in evangelism, whatever their future careers!”

- Staff Report, Southern Columns, Fall 2011, p.19