Single-Student Housing for under 23

On-campus residential housing is provided for all single students. Single students who are under the age of 23 must live in the residence halls unless they are living with their parents.

Apply for Housing

To apply for housing, students pay a $250 commitment deposit and submit a Housing application. This application is found on the Residence Life website.

Housing Options

Most undergraduates live in Thatcher Hall, the women's residence, and Talge Hall, the men's residence. Qualifying students may live in Southern Village.

The Spalding Cove Apartments are reserved for single graduate students and single students who are 23 to 30 years old. If you meet these requirements, contact

Off Campus-Living

Undergraduate students who wish to reside off campus may select the "Living Off Campus" link at the left. 


A list of questions most often asked about residential housing at Southern.


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