Submitting an Off-Campus Housing Request 

The total social and educational program at Southern is based on the premise that this is a residential university, not a commuter institution.  The campus provides two residence halls (one for males and one for females) and Southern Village (apartment living). 

Single students under the age of 23, who are enrolled for more than three (3) semester hours, and do not live with their parents or legal guardians, must live in the residence halls.  Exceptions are made for students who have completed a bachelor's degree or a total of 124 credit hours.

Who may apply for an exception to live off campus?

Students may request an exception to live off campus if they are 21 years old and have earned 94 credit hours (senior status). The Housing Exception Committee considers a student's adherence to Southern's code of conduct and worship program as part of its discussion on granting requests.  The three immediate, previous semesters of a student requesting an exception should reveal no violations of the code of conduct and having met worship-attendance expectations in order for an exception to be considered. Requests will not be considered if a student is on citizenship probation.

Application to move, not with Parents

  • A student must fill out an off-campus housing request, you may pick this up at the Student Development office located by KR's in the Student Center.
  • Parental approval must be submitted directly to us from the parents along with a phone number and email address in case they need to be reached.  The approval must include specifics regarding residence requested and the reasons an exception to the policy is being requested.
  • Invitation from the person(s) you are wanting to live with. Must include the address, names of all who reside there, amount of rent you will pay and what that includes.

Application to move, with Parents

  • A student must fill out an off-campus housing request, they may pick this up at the Student Development office loacted by KR's in the Student Center to live with their parents in their primary residence. Please do this if you've have been living in the dorm for any semester.
  • Parents must submit a letter stating that you are moving back home with them, along with a copy of both of their local Tennessee or Georgia drivers license that shows the current address (which needs to match the address you are applying to move to) and cannot be further than 30 miles from the University.

Application Process

To submit a petition to reside off campus, you will need to pick up an application from the Student Development Office (located by KR's in the Student Center).  If you have any questions, please contact us at 423.236.2814.

Students who do not meet the off-campus eligibility requirements but have applied to the committee should not make plans to live outside of the residence halls or sign a lease until a decision has been made. If an exception is made in your case, that is only for the current year. You will need to re-apply for each subsequent year. 


dates that the committee will be meeting are:

April 3, 2018   Summer 2018 / Fall 2018 (packet completion deadline - March 30, 2018 by noon)
July 31, 2018   Fall 2018  (packet completion deadline - July 27, 2018 by noon))
December 18, 2018   Winter 2019 (packet completion deadline - December 14, 2018 by noon)


A petition cannot be processed until all documentation has been submitted. All documentation requests and materials must be received by noon on the Friday prior to the date the commitee will be meeting. (see above dates) Students should hear back from the Committee within 72 hours following the meeting. Filling out an application is a petition on your part to move off campus but not a guarantee that you will be approved. 


 Questions? | Teri Reutebuch | | 423.236.2814