Deans and Staff

Dean of Southern Village

Carl Patterson
Talge Hall
Associate Dean of Men
P 423.236.2996

Carl Patterson, an associate dean of men, came to Southern in 2004. Before joining us he had been a dean at Bass Memorial, Hawaiian Mission, Highland, Valley Grande, and Adelphia Academies. His main responsibilities are night check and men's club.

Talge Dean

John Sager
Talge Hall
Associate Dean of Men
P 423.236.2991

John Sager, an associate dean of men, came to Southern in 2001. He oversees janitorial and maintenance in Talge Hall. He also coordinates Southern’s freshmen mentoring program.

Talge Dean

Kevin Pride

Talge Hall
Associate Dean of Men
P 423.236.2993

Kevin Pride, assistant dean of men, came to Southern from Forest Lake Academy. Dean Pride had 17 years of deaning experience prior to coming to Southern. He oversees the worship program, desk workers, and TV room.

Office Manager

Lisa Patterson Talge Hall
Office Manager
P 423.236.2990

Lisa Patterson is the office manager in Talge Hall. Mrs. Patterson enjoys the residence hall environment and the wonderful students that grace Southern Adventist University’s campus. Outside of the residence hall, she has twin boys that keep her busy most of the time. Her prayer is for the success of each student in Talge Hall and here on campus.

Talge Housekeeping

Dusty Miller

Talge Hall
Maintenance/Housekeeping Supervisor
P 423.236.2999

Dusty Miller is responsible for maintenance duties in Talge Hall, Thatcher Hall, Thatcher South, and Southern Village Apartments. He has worked at Southern since 1996. He is the Sponsor for the Southern Smiths, which is the campus blacksmith student organization, and is an assist teacher for the class.

Dir. of Housekeeping for Thatcher/Thatcher South

Carol Plank

Talge Hall
Housekeeping Supervisor
P 423.236.2297

Carol Plank has worked for Southern since 2007. In 2011 she became the housekeeping supervisor for Talge Hall. Prior to that she was the assistant supervisor for Thatcher Hall and Talge Hall. Carol's hobbies include needle crafts, sewing, and camping.