Thatcher Hall and Thatcher South are the primary residence halls for women attending Southern Adventist University. Other on-campus housing options for women include Southern Village and a women's wing in Talge Hall.


Thatcher Hall Chapel is where all female residents worship together on Monday through Wednesday nights.


The Thatcher Cafe is located in the basement, with a stove, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, vending machines, and an ice machine. This is also a great space for studying and socializing. A kitchenette with sink, stove, microwave, washer, and dryer is located on each hall. Ironing boards are also available.

Weight Room

Several workout machines are located in the exercise room, also in the basement.

Dorm Room

Rooms are meant for double occupancy and have two desks and adequate storage space for two residents. Additional storage is available in the basement. Each room has a sink area. Bathrooms are shared between two rooms in a suite arrangement. Two twin beds are provided for each room and may be bunked or stand alone.


Each hall lobby has couches and a table and chairs to provide a comfortable place to study.

Thatcher Hall rents rooms at double occupancy, so plan ahead for a roommate and pack accordingly.
If a resident wishes to room alone, she will be charged rent and a half.

What's provided?

  • 2 rearrangeable beds with mattresses
  • 2 desks
  • 2 sets of drawers
  • 2 closets with overhead storage
  • Book storage
  • Heat pump/air conditioner
  • Venetian blinds for window (draperies/curtains are not needed)
  • Sink

What to bring?

Items to bring from home:

  • Lamps (no halogen lamps allowed)
  • Electric iron (automatic shut-off)
  • Bedding (sheets, comforter, mattress pad, pillow, etc.)
  • Towels
  • Laundry marking pen
  • Wastebasket and liner bags
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Facial tissue and paper towels (toilet tissue is provided)
  • Medicines

Optional items to bring:

  • Computer
  • Microwave
  • Small refrigerator (4.5 cu. ft. max. allowed)
  • Ironing board (available in kitchenettes)
  • Vacuum (available from the resident assistant and at the front desk of the residence halls)
  • Stereo with headphones
  • Bicycle (locked storage available)
  • Extension cords (Must be three-prong, UL approved, and preferably with a circuit breaker)
  • Multi-outlet bar

Items to leave at home:

  • Firearms/weapons
  • Pets (may have small aquarium with fish but no rodents or reptiles)
  • Fireworks
  • Dungeons and Dragons (and similar materials)
  • Inappropriate posters/decorations
  • Water pistols
  • Dart boards
  • Beds (including waterbeds)
  • Jewelry
  • TV and/or VCR