Microsoft Antispam Quarantine Portal

Microsoft flags suspicious messages and sends you a quarantine summary.

How to login to your Microsoft Quarantine Portal

Direct your browser to: You will be prompted for the Southern email address.

Microsoft Login Portal

You will be redirected to a Southern login page. Please enter your Southern email and password.

SAU Login

You will be taken back to Microsoft's website. If you are using a personal computer or phone, click Yes. Otherwise click No.

Microsoft Redirect

How to release an email from Quarantine

In the Microsoft quarantine homepage, first click on Threat management and then Review.

Portal Homepage

From there click on the Quarantine box.


The email may be in the Spam section or the Bulk section. Be sure to check both locations.


Once you've found the email, click the box next to it.

Click Box

Select the box Preview message to ensure that you wish to have it delivered to your inbox.

Check Message

If the email is the correct one, select Close to exit the preview.


Once closed, click on the box Release message.


Click on Release Messages to have it delivered to your inbox.