Bandwidth is the amount of information you transfer to and from the internet. Students are allowed a certain amount of bandwidth each day.

Daily Bandwidth Allowance

Students are permitted a daily quota of 4GB inbound data and 4GB outbound data. When the quota is reached, connection is limited to a maximum speed of 15Mbps.  At a usage of 10 GB, connection speed is reduced to a maximum of 2Mbps.  The quota operates on a 24 hour sliding window.   

Bandwidth Safeguards

Since excessive use of bandwidth by a few individuals can slow connections for others on campus, Information Technology safeguards appropriate data transfer amounts by:

  • applying a standard bandwidth quota and reducing the data transfer speed when the quota is reached.
  • using packet-shaping technology, which restricts the use of peer-to-peer networking (such as Limewire and BitTorrent).