App Passwords

When using an account with Multi-factor Authentication enabled, certain applications (like Skype for Business or Outlook) require specialized logins.

To generate an App Password:

Be sure to generate a new password for each App (Skype for Business, Outlook, etc).  Since passwords can't be retrieved after they've been generated, be sure to store them in a safe place. 

First, login to:

Choose "Manage Security & Privacy" and click the link to "Update phone numbers..."Multi-factor Authentication

Click, "App Passwords"

 Multi-factor Authentication

 On the "app passwords" page, click the "create" button.

Multi-factor Authentication

Give a name to the password that's generated.  Creating a different password for each app is best practice. 

Multi-factor Authentication 

A semi-permanent password will be created.  Be sure to keep this password safe since it bypasses the multi-factor authentication system.  Also, once this page is closed, it's not possible to retrieve the same password.  It will be necessary to generate a new app password if this one is lost. 

Multi-factor Authentication