Alternate Email

  1. Direct your browser to

  2. Click the Create free account button.
    Create Free Acount
  3. Type in a user name in the blank provided. If the username you selected is not available, you will be asked to choose another one.
    Create Account

  4. Create a password. Your password must have at least eight characters and contain at least two of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
    Create User Name

  5. Upon successfully creating a password, you will then be asked to provide your name, as well as your country and birthdate.
    Enter Name

  6. For the final step, you will be asked to enter the characters shown on the screen in order to create your account.
    Enter Characters on Screen

  7. After a couple of questions about language, time zone, and theme, etc., you will have created an alternate email account that can be used to reset your Southern password. For future reference, you should consider recording your account information in a safe place.