Football Rules

  • The offical rules will be those governing collegiate play: NIRSA Flag Ball Rules.
  • All participants must have an account registered on
  • Games will consist of two 20-minute halves. The game clock will begin when the officials are present and ready. The clock will be a running clock except during the final one minute of each half.
  • Each team is allowed two one-minute timeouts per half.
  • Game time is forfeit time. A team that forfeits two games will be eliminated from competition and will not play in the postseason tournament. A forfeited game will be scored as 1-0.
  • The Home team will wear identical LIGHT colored jerseys with permanent numbers and RED flags. The Away team will wear identical DARK colored jerseys with permanent numbers and YELLOW flags. Green/white reversible jerseys purchased from the campus shop are the official jerseys. Players may not wear shorts/pants of the same colors as their flags. Teams not in compliance will not be permitted to use those players who are not in uniform.
  • All roster changes must be submitted before 1 p.m. for a new player to play that same day. Rosters are finalized at 1 p.m. on Monday, October 9.
  • Tournament eligibility will be determined by sportsmanship ratings at the end of season. Teams must average a rating of 4 or higher on a 1-5 scale to be eligible. Teams that forfeit two games are eliminated from the season and tournament.
  • Sportsmanship Rating Scale:

5 – No Complaints. Officials, opponents and teammates treated respectfully.

4.5 – Two or fewer incidents of non-verbal disagreement with calls.

4  Verbal disagreement with calls or obvious non-verbal acts of frustration towards officials, opponents or teammates.

3 – Frequent objections to calls.

2 – Frequent complaining, obvious acts of frustration and/or belligerent attitudes.

1 – Player/s ejected for unsportsmanlike behavior.