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Marketing and University Relations is here to help answer any OU Campus questions. The tutorials below will walk you through any questions you might have regarding web development. In addition to the videos posted below, the OU Campus User Guide offers great information about how to use OU Campus.

For additional help please contact Marketing and University Relations by submitting a helpdesk ticket or emailing webhelp@southern.edu.

Video Tutorials

Introduction to the Interface
Learn about how to log into OU Campus using DirectEdit, as well as about the key portions of the OU Campus interface, from the Global Navigation bar to the Gadgets sidebar and everything in between.
Editing Content with JustEdit
This video will cover the basics of editing a page's editable region using JustEdit, the WYSIWYG editor inside of OU Campus.
Using Reusable Content
This video talks specifically about how to insert Assets and Snippets into an editable region inside OU Campus, and the difference between these two types of reusable content.
Using Page Properties
In this video, learn about how to modify Page Parameters for a page inside OU Campus.
Setting Reminders

This video demonstrates the two types of reminders that can be added to a page: Scheduled Reminders and Stale Reminders.

Using the Version System

This video discusses the version system in OU Campus, how versions are created, and the functionality available within the Versions screen.

Publishing Content

This video walks through the process of publishing content, including ancillary publish actions like scheduling a publish in the future and sending out social media posts when publishing pages.

Page Check

This video shows how to use Page Check inside OU Campus, and also discusses Final Check, where certain Page Check options may run automatically when the Publish button is clicked.

Workflow 101
This video gives a brief introduction to workflow - the process by which files can be sent to other users for approval. Watch this video to understand the process by which files are sent, approved, or declined in a workflow, and also take a quick look at the Workflow screen under the Dashboard menu.
Introduction to Gadgets
This video gives a brief introduction to using gadgets. It discusses where to find them, how to determine which ones appear on the screen, and other important details.
Creating a New Page
This video walks users through the process of creating a new interior page from a template in OU Campus.
Creating a New Section
This video walks users through the process of creating a new subsection inside their site, using a "New Section with Index Page" template.
Uploading Binary Files
This lesson covers how to upload binary files (audio, video, images, PDF/Microsoft Office documents, etc.) into OU Campus, either from the Pages list view or when editing a page.
Activity Gadget
Learn about the basic functionality of the Activity Gadget and where it's located.
Bookmarks Gadget
Learn about how to use the Bookmarks Gadget so you can get to content you want to edit more quickly!
Dependency Tag Info Gadget
Learn about the Dependency Tag Info Gadget in this quick video! Use this gadget to look up information about the files associated with dependency tags, or look up a particular dependency tag by searching with a filename or file path.
Images Gadget
Learn about the Images Gadget, which enables you to drag and drop images into an editable region more quickly than using WYSIWYG tools. Also, discover how directory variables come into play when configuring this gadget as an administrator.
Inbox Gadget
Learn about the features the Inbox Gadget offers, in addition to some other functionality found in the normal Inbox screen under the Dashboard.
Link Check Gadget
Learn about this gadget, which makes it easy to check for broken links on a page and see exactly where you need to go to fix them.
My Checked-Out Content Gadget
Learn about the My Checked-Out Content Gadget, which is used to conveniently track all the files that you have checked out in the system currently.
Notes Gadget
Learn how to use the Notes Gadget, which allows you to make public and private notes on any file in OU Campus.
Page Info Gadget
Learn about the Page Info Gadget, which can return valuable info about the page you're viewing, especially when combined with the Dependency Tag Info Gadget.
Page Parameters Gadget
Learn about the Page Parameters Gadget, which allows you to edit the parameters of the page while still viewing its preview.
Quick Publish Gadget
Learn how to publish pages in a single click and push changes to Production quickly using the Quick Publish Gadget.
Request Help Gadget
Learn about this gadget, which can be used to quickly send a message to administrators in your account when you're encountering issues with your site or OU Campus.
Snippets Gadget
Learn how to drag and drop snippets into your page from the Gadgets Sidebar, and everything else the Snippets Gadget can do, in this video!
OU Insights
This video delves into the newest module for OU Campus, OU Insights, which enables users to report on SEO strength, accessibility, broken links, and spelling across their entire site.
XML Basics
This video outlines the basics of web development in XML. Recommended to watch in conjunction with the XSL Basics video.
XSL Basics
This video outlines the basics of web development in XSL, which is used in conjunction with XML. Recommended to watch in conjunction with the XML Basics video.
Creating Editable Regions and Page Properties
This video starts with a basic PCF and XSL modeled after the final product of the XSL Basics video. It then shows how to add editable regions and page properties to the PCF, and how to modify the XSL to ensure the PCF changes appear on the final page.
Making a New Page Template
This video walks through the process of making a template from which new pages can be made in OU Campus. We take the PCF that was made in the previous video, transform it to a TMPL, create a TCF, upload an image thumbnail, and test it out by making a sample page.