e2Campus Emergency Text Message System

Please complete the information below to receive a text alert in case of emergency. After you enter your information and press "create account," you should receive a text message to verify your phone number. If you do not respond to the verification text, you will not be in the system to receive alert/emergency messages. If you do not receive a verification text, it is possible that your information was entered incorrectly and you will need to log in to your e2Campus™ account and correct your phone number or other information. 

Out of respect for your privacy, Southern will only send messages in the following circumstances: notification of an immediate campus life safety emergency; initial notification of campus' closed status in unsafe weather conditions; administration of system tests; and notification of need to renew your text message registration.

If you change cell phone carriers, you should re-register your new phone, even if your phone number remains the same. If you change your phone number, you will also need to update your number in your text messaging alert account. You can always access your account by visiting text alert or visiting the Current Students page and selecting Text Message Alerts.

While the university makes every effort to communicate via text and other methods in a time of emergency, be aware that there may be certain circumstances in which electronic communication cannot be relied upon.