Pacific Union College

ACCT-221 Principles of Accounting I ACCT 121 
ACCT 122
Financial Accounting I 
Financial Accounting II
ACCT-222 Principles of Accounting II ACCT 123 Managerial Accounting
ARTH-218 Art Appreciation ARTH 115 or 
ARTH 116
History of Western Art I or 
History of Western Art II
BIOL-101 Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL 101 Human Anatomy
BIOL-102 Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL 102 Human Physiology
BIOL-103 Principles of Biology BIOL 111 Biological Foundations
BIOL-151 General Biology I BIOL 111 
BIOL 112
Biological Foundations 
Biological Foundations
BIOL-152 General Biology II BIOL 113 Biological Foundations
BIOL-225 Basic Microbiology MICR 134 General Microbiology
CHEM-111 & 113 Survey of Chemistry I & Lab CHEM 101 Introductory Chemistry
CHEM-112 & 114 Survey of Chemistry II & Lab CHEM 102 
CHEM 103
Survey of Organic Chemistry 
Survey of Biochemistry
CHEM-151 General Chemistry I CHEM 111 
CHEM 112
General Chemistry 
General Chemistry
CHEM-152 General Chemistry II CHEM 113 General Chemistry
CHEM-311 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 371 
CHEM 372
Organic Chemistry 
Organic Chemistry
CHEM-312 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 373 & L Organic Chemistry
COMM-135 Intro to Public Speaking COMM 105 
COMM 226
Intro to Communication 
Public Speaking
CPTE-100 Computer Concepts CPTR 105 Intro to Computers
CPTE-105 Intro to Word Processing INFS 144 PC Operating Systems
CPTE-106 Intro to Spreadsheets INFS 148 PC Spreadsheets
CPTE-107 Intro to Database INFS 149 PC Databases
CPTE-106 Intro to Spreadsheets OFAD 201 PC Word Processing
CPTR-124 Fundamentals of Programming CPTR 115 
CPTR 234
Intro to Computer Programming
Programming C++
CPTR-215 Fundamentals of Software Design CPTR 131 
CPTR 132
Survey of Computer Science 
Data Structures & Algorithms I
PHTO-125 Intro to Photography ARTP 241 
ARTP 242
Photography I 
Photography II
ECON-224 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 261 Macroeconomics
ECON-225 Principles of Microeconomics ECON 265 Microeconomics
ENGL-100 Basic Writing ENGL 100 Intro to Reading & Composition
ENGL-101 College Comp I ENGL 101 College English
ENGL-102 College Comp II ENGL 102 College English
ENGR-121 Intro to Engineering ENGR 105 Intro to Engineering
ERSC-105 Earth Science GEOL 233 Geology
FREN-101 Elementary French I FREN 111 Beginning French I
FREN-102 Elementary French II FREN 112 Beginning French II
GRMN-101 Elementary German I GRMN 111 Beginning German I
GRMN-102 Elementary German II GRMN 112 Beginning German II
HIST-154 American History I HIST 134 History U.S.
HIST-155 American History II HIST 135 History U.S.
HIST-174 World Civilizations I HIST 101 History of World Civilizations
HIST-175 World Civilizations II HIST 102 History of World Civilizations
HLED-173 Health For Life HLED 166 Health Education
NRNT-125 Nutrition FDNT 235 Nutrition
HMNT-211 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy
ITAL-101 Elem Italian I ITAL 111 Beginning Italian I
ITAL-102 Elementary Italian II ITAL 112 Beginning Italian II
MATH-080 Elementary Algebra MATH 019 Introductory Algebra
MATH-116 College Algebra MATH 106 College Algebra
MATH-120 Precalculus Algebra MATH 130 Precalculus
MATH-191 Calculus I MATH 131 Calculus I
MATH-192 Calculus II MATH 132 Calculus II
MATH-215 Statistics STAT 222 Statistics
MATH-218 Calculus III MATH 133 Calculus III
MUHL-105 Survey of Music MUHL 115 Music in Western Culture
PHYS-127 or PHYS-128 Exploring Physics I or Exploring Physics II PHYS 105 Intro to Physics
PHYS-155 Descriptive Astronomy ASTR 115 Astronomy
PHYS-211 & 213 General Physics I PHYS 111 
PHYS 112
General Physics I 
General Physics II
PHYS-212 & 214 General Physics II PHYS 113 General Physics III
PHYS-221 & 223 University Physics I & Lab PHYS 211 
PHYS 212
Physics with Calculus I 
Physics with Calculus II
PHYS-222 & 224 University Physics II & Lab PHYS 213 Physics with Calculus III
PLSC-254 American National and State Government PLSC 124 Intro to American Government
PSYC-122 General Psychology PSYC 121 General Psychology
PSYC-128 Developmental Psychology PSYC 234 Human Development
Death and Dying PSYC 260 
SOWK 260
Death & Dying
RELB-125 Life & Teachings of Jesus RELB 150 Encountering Jesus
RELB-175 Acts of the Apostles RELB 270 Acts of the Apostles
RELB-373 Christian Ethics RELB 315 Biblical Ethics
RELT-139 Adventist Heritage RELT 220 SDA Beliefs
RELT-177 Christian Spirituality RELT 235 Spiritual Formatn
RELT-255 Christian Beliefs RELT 205 Christian Beliefs
SOCI-125 Intro to Sociology SOCI 121 Intro to Sociology
SOCI-150 Cultural Anthropology ANTH 124 Cultural Anthropology
Marriage and the Family SOCI 214 The Family
SPAN-101 Elementary Spanish I SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN-102 Elementary Spanish II SPAN 112 Beginning Spanish II
SPAN-207 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 151 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN-208 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 152 Intermediate Spanish II