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ACCT-221 Principles of Accounting I ACCT 1010 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT-222 Principles of Accounting II ACCT 1020 Principles of Accounting II
ART-218 Art Appreciation ART 1030 Art Appreciation
BIOL-101 Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL-102 Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL-103 Principles of Biology BIOL 1020 Intro to Biology II
BIOL-103 Principles of Biology PSCI 1030 An Intro to Physical Science
BIOL-151 General Biology I BIOL 1110 General Biology I
BIOL-152 General Biology II BIOL 1120 General Biology II
BIOL-225 Basic Microbiology BIOL 2230 Microbiology
BUAD-126 Intro to Business BUS 110 Intro to Business
CHEM-111 & 113 Survey of Chemistry I CHEM 1030 Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM-151 General Chemistry I CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I
CHEM-152 General Chemistry II CHEM 1120 General Chemistry II
CHEM-311** Organic Chemistry I (LD)** CHEM 2010 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM-312** Organic Chemistry II (LD)** CHEM 2020 Organic Chemistry II
COMM-103 Intro to Mass Communication COMM 1010 Intro to Mass Communication
COMM-135 Intro to Public Speaking SPCH 1010or 
SPCH 103
Fundamentals of Speech Communication or 
Public Speaking
Computer Concepts 
Intro to Word Processing 
Intro to Spreadsheets
INFS 1010 Computer Applications
ECON-224 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2010 Macroeconomics
ECON-225 Principles of Microeconomics ECON 2020 Microeconomics
ENGL-101 College Composition I ENGL 1010 English Composition I
ENGL-102 College Composition II ENGL 1020 English Composition II
ELIT-214 Survey of American Literature ENGL 2110 or 
ENGL 2120
American Literature to 1865 or 
American Literature since 1865
ELIT-216 Approaches to Literature ENGL 2010 or 
ENGL 2020
Intro to Literature I or 
Intro to Literature II
ERSC-105 Earth Science GEOL 1040 Physical Geology
FREN-101 Elementary French I FREN 1010 Beginning French I
FREN-102 Elementary French II FREN 1020 Beginning French II
FREN-207 Intermediate French I FREN 2010 Intermediate French I
FREN-208 Intermediate French II FREN 2020 Intermediate French II
GEOG-204 World Geography GEOG 101 Physical Geography
HIST-154 American History I HIST 2010 Survey of American History I
HIST-155 American History II HIST 2020 Survey of American History II
HIST-174 World Civilizations I HIST 1110 World Civilizations to 1650
HIST-175 World Civilizations II HIST 1120 World Civilizations 1650 to Present
HMNT-211 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 1030 Intro to Philosophy
MATH-111 Survey of Math I MATH 1010 Math for Liberal Arts
MATH-116 College Algebra MATH 1130 College Algebra
MATH-120 Precalculus Algebra MATH 1710 PreCalculus I
MATH-121 Precalculus Trigonometry MATH 1720 PreCalculus II
MATH-191 Calculus I MATH 1910 Calculus I
MATH-192 Calculus II MATH 1920 Calculus II
MATH-218 Calculus III MATH 2110 Calculus III
MATH-215 Statistics MATH 1530 Probability & Statistics
MUHL-215 Music in Western Culture MUS 1030 Music Appreciation
PHYS-155 Descriptive Astronomy ASTR 1030 Astronomy
PHYS-211 & 213 General Physics I PHYS 2010 Non-Calculus Physics I
PHYS-212 & 214 General Physics II PHYS 2020 Non-Calculus Physics II
PHYS-221 & 223 University Physics I & Lab PHYS 2110 Calculus-based Physics I
PHYS-222 & 224 University Physics II & Lab PHYS 2120 Calculus-based Physics II
PLSC-254 American National & State Government POLS 1030 American Government
PSYC-101 Psychology of Personal & Social Adjustment PSYC 2110 Psychology of Adjustment
PSYC-122 General Psychology PSYC 1030 General Psychology
PSYC-128 Developmental Psychology PSYC 2130 Life Span Psychology
SOCI-125 Intro to Sociology SOCI 1010 Intro to Sociology
SPAN-101 Elementary Spanish I SPAN 1010 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN-102 Elementary Spanish II SPAN 1020 Beginning Spanish II
SPAN-207 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN-208 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II

**Organic Chemistry requirements will be fulfilled but the transfer course will not apply to upper-division credit.