Southern offers an affordable nationwide Platinum-level health insurance plan from United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR). Enrolled in at least one on-campus class or living in university housing makes students (along with their spouse and/or dependents) eligible to purchase health insurance from UHCSR. Students registered for online classes only are not eligible to purchase this insurance.

Students living in university housing are eligible and automatically enrolled in the Sickness and Injury plan with UHCSR unless a Health Insurance waiver, indicating insurance coverage compliant with the Affordable Care Act, has been submitted to opt out.

If you are an International Graduate student, please follow this link  for your insurance information.

If eligible, and you would like to purchase insurance, complete the Health Insurance Enrollment Form. Charges will be placed on your student account. After receiving enrollment confirmation, visit United Healthcare to create an account, log in, select ‘ID card,’ and follow instructions to print your ID card. 

Insurance coverage may be purchased at the listed rates at any time throughout the school year but charges are not prorated. For the policy to be valid, students must actively attend classes for the first 31 days after the date of policy inception. A refund of the premium, less claims paid, is allowed in the following cases: entry into the Armed Forces, or withdrawing from school within the 31 days after the policy inception date.

Visit United Healthcare to search for a provider and to view the Policy or Summary describing benefits, terms, and limits.