Campus Resources

Administrative Contacts

Title IX Coordinator

Director of Risk Management

Andrew Myaing
Risk Management Office

Title IX Deputy (employee related)

Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Brenda Flores-Lopez
Human Resource office
Southern Adventist University

Title IX Deputy (student related)

Pamela Foard
Evening Reference Librarian 
McKee Library
Southern Adventist University

Vice President for Student Development

Dennis Negrón
Office of Student Development
Ulmer Student Center
Southern Adventist University

Other On-Campus Resources

Campus Safety


Campus Safety encourages any student, faculty, or staff member who has been sexually assaulted to report this incident to its office. From a safety and investigatory standpoint, the sooner a sexual assault is reported, the better. Even so, the university strongly encourages reporting at any time victims are ready to do so.

If Complainants report a sexual assault to Campus Safety, after the Complainants’ immediate needs have been attended to, they are interviewed by a member of the Campus Safety staff and asked to share their accounts of what took place. This conversation may take place in the offices of the Campus Services Building on Colcord Drive or at another space on campus the Complainants find more comfortable. Complainants may indicate a gender preference of the officer who interviews them. Complainants are asked to write down their report, but the officer may ask them additional questions to make sure all of the important details are recorded. The officer takes notes, and once these notes are typed up, victims are asked to review them for accuracy.

Also, upon receiving a report of sexual assault, Campus Safety alerts the campus and community that a sexual assault has occurred. The warning is general and will not specify names or other identifying information. Reports of sexual assault made to Campus Safety are also reported to the Title IX Coordinator, the Title IX Designee, and the vice president for Students Development. Complainants are also encouraged to report any sexual assault to the Collegedale Police Department; however, reporting a sexual assault to Campus Safety does not commit Complainants to pursuing this avenue.

Housing Deans

Dwight Magers, Dean of Men
Lisa Hall, Dean of Women

Counseling Services Coordinator

Liane de Souza

University Health Service

Candace Wing, Director

Chaplain’s Office

Anna Bennett, Associate Chaplain