Convocation F17 / W18


Schedule of Events*

November 30

SA Town Hall Meeting
11am Iles PE Center


December 7

11a Various Locations


January 11

Noelle Schwantes
11a Iles PE Center


January 18

11a Various Locations


January 25

Terrence Roberts, PhD
11a Iles PE Center


February 1

Ron C. Smith, PhD
11a Campus Church


February 6 & 8

Student Week of Prayer (SWOP)
11a Campus Church


February 10

Fisk Jubilee Singers
6p Campus Church


February 15

SA Election Day
11a Iles PE Center


February 22

Meet the Firms & Graduate Schools
11a Iles PE Center


March 15

Michael Behe, PhD
11a Iles PE Center


March 15

Saint Luis Brass
7p Iles PE Center


March 22

Bill Arnold, PhD
11a Campus Church


March 29

11a Various Locations


April 5

Andy Nash, PhD
11a Campus Church


April 12

Da Chen
11a Iles PE Center


April 19

David Epstein
11a Iles PE Center


April 26

11a Iles PE Center



Credit Requirements*

Freshman (0 - 23 class hours)      Residential: 60 credits/semester
       Community: 40 credits/semester
Sophomore (24 - 54 class hours)      Residential: 55 credits/semester
       Community: 36 credits/semester
Junior (55 - 93 class hours)      Residential: 50 credits/semester
       Community: 32 credits/semester
Senior (94+ class hours)      Residential: 45 credits/semester
       Community: 30 credits/semester
Graduating Senior       20 credits for last semester in which
     graduation occurs
    * Exempt include: married students, students with children, veterans, students 23 or older (before the start of the semester, pro-rated if turning during the semester), have earned 124+ class hours, online, student teaching and Consortium. 


1st Offense <10 = probation
  >10 = probation and $5 per credit missed
2nd Offense <10 = probation and $5 per credit missed
  >10 = probation, $5 per credit missed, meet with Vice President
3rd Offense <10 = probation, $5 per credit missed, meet with Vice President
  >10 = semester suspension
4th Offense <10 = semester long suspension