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Austria - Bogenhofen Seminary


Reach the students of Bogenhofen Seminary by setting a Christ-like example.

Bogenhofen Seminary is an Adventist college in Austria that offers a high-school education, a theology and Bible study program, and classes at the adjoined language school. 

More Info
  • Average Fundraising Goal: May vary. ~$2,850. See student missions office
  • Timeline: Full year is preferred but there may be some flexibility.  Leave in September, return in August.
  • Location: St. Peter, Austria.  Northwest Austria. Check out the location on Google Maps!
  • Living Accommodations: The student missionary will live in the boys' or girls' dormitory or in a guest room of approximately 160 sq. ft. The dormitories offer one room for two persons with shower and bathroom. The guest rooms have the shower and bathroom on the hallway.
  • Language: English is useful, but German is highly preferred and more commonly spoken.
  • Food: There is a brand new cafeteria on campus which serves three meals a day.
  • Requirements: Visa
Position Info
  • Assistant Dean - Support the dormitory dean maintaining a safe, pleasant environment for all dormitory residents.  Look after students in their dormitories. Care for sick students and cope with emergencies/accidents in the dorm and on campus. Monitor students in their practical working hours. At times cleaning and driving can also be required. A strong spiritual attitude is requested to support the residents in their own spiritual development. Applicant should be a relational person with highly developed social skills and communicative abilities. Qualification or experience in youth ministry or educational areas is desirable. German language skills are a prerequisite!
  • Media assistant - work with the administration to make promotional content, videos, etc.


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Girls' dorm
Boys' dorm
Campus church

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Apply for your preferred position at least four months before you plan to serve, though spots may be available up until a month before departure.