Changing Jobs

Should you consider a career switch?

Are you experiencing the following at your workplace?

  • Your job description has not changed in a few years
  • You have not stayed current with your trade
  • Your co-workers have been promoted but you have not
  • Your job duties have been retracted
  • You collaborate less and isolate more
  • You are not typically invited to meetings

Are you experiencing the following feelings?

  • Dread when you commute to work
  • Uninvolved and not helping others
  • Unaccomplished and feeling that work is redundant
  • Isolated, detached and unable to connect with your peers
  • Ashamed of your work regardless of how well you perform
  • A negative or pessimistic attitude

What should you consider doing?

  • Take initiative:

    Schedule to meet with your supervisor to discuss your concerns. Outline your concerns before you meet. Use the time to productively advocate for yourself. If professional growth is your concern, have a few ideas ready but also ask what opportunities are available. You and your supervisor might consider meeting with a human resources representative to discuss how your talents, interests and knowledge can be used. Perhaps a fresh set of job tasks will rejuvenate you. 
  • Evaluate your life goals:

    Are you making progress toward your life goals? The purpose of having life goals is to ensure you are also enjoying your time away from work while making a meaningful contribution to your community, meeting the needs of yourself and your family, fostering relationships, and finding time for recreation and self-care.
  • Change:

    Change is inevitable and good. There are times, however, when we become stagnate and have to create change. The process can be intimidating yet healthy. Consider contacting a mentor or the career services office of your alma mater. Explore your motivation and desires while re-evaluating what you value and need in life.

If you would like to speak with someone about evaluating your career path and options, call Career Services at 423.236.2069.